Santa Claus Visits Holtville to Bring Cheer to All

HOLTVILLE — For many, Santa Claus originated from the chilly North Pole and travels yearly south to distribute gifts to children. 
Imperial Valley has its own Santa Claus. On Wednesday evening the bespectacled jolly fellow in the red and white costume generated smiles from young boys and girls who gathered at Meyer Memorial Library in Holtville. 
As children waited for Santa’s arrival, they engaged in a variety of activities.
Library Assistant Lorenza Carpenter, with the assistance of her elves, helped both parents and their children with art projects at five different tables. Carpenter said each table had specialty projects such as ornaments, reindeer heads with eyes and antlers, bells with snowflakes, and bracelets. 
Rocio Medina was with her daughter Luna Plancarte, 5, and niece Delilah Martinez, 5, who were making bracelets with little jingle bells.
Later, county librarian Crystal Duran went in front of the seated children and read a children’s book, “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell.” As she read through the pages, Duran asked questions to which the children responded in unison amusing their parents. 
On cue, Santa Claus entered the floor area and greeted the young boys and girls. Children welcomed him with enthusiasm as he sat beside a small Christmas tree surrounded by red poinsettias. Smiles were aplenty. 
Automatically children stood and formed a line taking turns divulging their yearnings to Santa Claus. Some of the boys “whispered’ with loud voices within hearing of their parents. The little girls giggled. However, a few children were shy and had to be prodded by their parents who were also taking cell phone photos.
Santa Claus, played by District 5 Imperial County board director, Raymond Castillo,
grandfather to sixteen, who said to all in his best Santa voice, “I wish everybody a very, very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.”