San Diego City of Ballet brings enrichment to Brawley Children


BRAWLEY – The North County Coalition of the Arts invited The City Ballet of San Diego  to perform before Brawley’s elementary schools Thursday morning at the Lion’s Center at 10:00 and 12:30.


Their performance, The History of Dance, consisted of fifteen different dances illustrating the change of culture and meaning, as well as the historical impacts dance had on society.

The troupe began with a Polish folk-style dance which in earlier times was indicative of emotional expression.

The dancing continued with Egyptian Times, Renaissance Period, Viennese Waltzing, ending with today’s modern dance.



The teachers were encouraged to have the children study the art of dancing as a social, political, historical and geographical concept to truly enrich their experience.

Opportunities for the youth to experience fine art are limited due to budget cuts in school—fortunately, the North County Coalition of the Arts have been a strong cultural outlet for the youth.

Executive Director, Rosemary Wood, believes art and history have a huge impact on the children.

“Just having any type of exposure so they know what live performances mean in their lives. Kids need to be exposed to the arts and theatre. They just haven’t been exposed.”

“There’s a whole new world with arts and entertainment that they’re missing out on in school. We emphasize sports all the time, which is really important, but we all have the arts in our hearts and we need to be exposed. And that’s what NoCCA’s main focus is, being able to expose our kids to the arts. Whether it’s the visual arts or the performing arts. It’s just so important for all of us to be connected.”


The community has supported the Valley’s youth introduction to the arts through donations.

Ron Garcia, Brawley Elementary School Superintendent, has been insistent that the children have the opportunity to experience art, despite Palmer Auditorium being out of use, according to Wood. He provided the funding for the performance at the Lion’s Center, making the presentation possible.

The City Ballet also performed in Calipatria on Friday with two performances.