Sam I Am… Gay


Most football fans know about Michael Sam, an All-American football player from the University of Missouri, who self-disclosed that he is gay before the NFL draft.


I am a reborn Christian and applaud his courage, but not his lifestyle. I also am glad that he disclosed now rather than later on. I really hope he is evaluated because of his football abilities rather than whom he chooses to fool around with. In most workplaces, sexual orientation should not be a game-breaker. What you do privately should not affect your access to gainful employment.


He had already announced it to his teammates the past year and his team supported him. I have worked with gay and lesbian folks, and since they were all competent in their work—their lifestyle was never an issue. Although I applaud his courage and I think the timing was good, just to get it over with. It is not something, as a fan, I want to hear about. I also don’t want to hear if a player is a womanizer, a gambler, or likes to dress in women’s clothes like Dennis Rodman. I didn’t like hearing about Wilt Chamberlain and his many girlfriends or Koby cheating on his wife. I hope Mr. Sam gets a chance on a good team, and God blesses him with the health to have a good career. Mr. Sam has been successful, up until now, and his work ethic, from what I have read, is great and you reap what you sow.


I hope San Francisco or one of the New York teams can draft him. Those cities like individuals who are outside the mainstream. I also think there will be less collateral drama if he gets to work in cities with larger, more visible gay communities. Let’s make it user friendly for all parties. Most viewers, I believe, are not interested in the private information of public figures. Make no mistake, there is the media industry that feeds off this stuff, but most of us prefer a different menu.


I come from a family where Dad encouraged premarital sex. He wasn’t a Christian, so he was confused. I don’t blame him for my becoming a teen parent. I was very much like the culture around me. Unfortunately, our culture has promoted an AIDS epidemic, millions of out of wedlock pregnancies and the breakdown of the American family. A majority of Americans are now picking up the tab, emotionally in our families, and as taxpayers from our wallets.


I hope “Sam, I Am” becomes “Sam I Was”. Thousands leave the gay lifestyle each year, like millions who quit drinking and drugging, both of which are never front-page news. I for one will watch his career, because I love the sport of professional football. And I will pray for him, because I love the man. Enough said.