Salutatorian at Brawley challenges high school administration with his Christian faith


Brooks Hamby 1

BRAWLEY, CA – Brooks Hamby, a senior at BUHS, had his speech denied three times by the high school administration for expressing his Christian faith.

See how he responds.



  1. I am always amazed the school administrators are so ill-informed about the issue of student-initiated religious expression. There is a difference in a teacher or administrator requiring religious expression and a student freely expressing his or her beliefs. This has been established a number of times in the courts. Yet, this administration is ignorant of that. On the school’s website it listed the superintendent as having a doctorate. I think such a person with that degree of education should be aware of these issues.

  2. Every knee shall fall every tongue will confess Jesus is King of kings and lord of lords! Denie me before men and I will denie
    You before the Father! Great speech! Jesus
    Said they persecuted me they will persecute you!

  3. As a man who excels at math and science I would expect him to know about the Higgs Boson. It is time to put the all mighty gods to rest and focus on reality. No religion has more bull than christianity, all in favor of the Korean Jesus say aye.

  4. Good Job Kid…what you did will rob off on others. It’s not about taking sides, it’s about taking the lead. I see a future leader in you.

  5. Yessss!!!! Stay strong young man! You are absolutely on the right path to excellence. May God bless you for your faithfulness and resolve to adhere to your beliefs all the days of your life. Proud to be your sister in Christ. Let’s see if this comment gets posted. 🙂

  6. Wow. Really the progressive nitwits have infiltrated Brawley. My gosh I thought we were immune from the hedonistic leftist totalitarians. Too many good folks left our wonderful little town, got brain washed at those communist colleges and brought that trash here. Good going guys. Excellent speech son. Always question everything.

  7. Funny how if you say something TOO pointed about our religious freedoms and try to take the Christianity back to the roots of where this country came form and point out things other than ” great job young man”
    well lets just say your comments get cut. Keep the remarks light and they show up. I am very proud of this young man and his strength. This is truly a man of Christ and not a boy. Thank you for that. We need many more just like you.

  8. I believe his speech was awesome and unbelievably inspiring to all the students, faculty, and family alike. Your faith is unbreakable. ..God bless you for your strength and courage to stand up for our love and faith in our ONE TRUE GOD….

  9. I loved his speech and I am glad he stood up for his first amendment rights. However, if a salutatorian/valedictorian had a different set of beliefs and expressed them in front of people who may not agree with those beliefs, how would you all feel? If a student decided to quote the Quran or maybe share Buddhist doctrine would everyone be okay with that too? That is why the schools say no to speeches that contain religious doctrine. I think if a student worked hard and had the privilege to speak in front of their peers then they should be allowed under the first amendment to share whatever they wish as long as it is appropriate. However, I am open to them sharing whatever beliefs they have, not only Christian doctrine.

    • Yes! This exactly! I was there and I did feel some heavy Christian undertones from his speech, but I wondered, if this was a Hindu/ Buddhist/ Muslim student, how would people react their speech. I’m pretty sure if it was something with Muslim undertones, people in the valley would have thrown a tantrum and gone crazy about how this student said such about their religion. Just my two cents but I completely agree with you.

      • I understand what you are saying. However a lot of times when Christians have complained about this solely on the basis of religious expression it is to express the unbalanced way expression is allowed. Christian religious expression has been excised from culture for the sake of peoples feelings while others are allowed and even protected. It’s not a problem if everyone is granted equal access. We also have to start accepting we will never live in a utopia where everyone is always happy and no one is ever offended. In a blended culture like we have here in the United States there will always be someone offended, that should never be reason to take away someone’s right of free expression.

      • If his comments were muslim-based, it would be front page news on ever mainstream media outlet in the nation. 1. The left thinks freedom of religion thinks freedom from religon. 2. The left only silences Christian voices.

  10. Amen!! I am so proud of you for standing up for your faith no matter what! You are such a blessing to those around you and God will bless you for the rest of your life!!! Stay strong in your faith…you will lead others to know Christ as well!!

  11. your words are mighty and will be heard … go forward young man in all His blessings ♡
    -romans 1:16

  12. Dinosaurs are real people can’t walk on water. And you can have values like compation and honesty without having to believe in “a higher power”.

    • People like you are why people are afraid to have the freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, which our founding fathers fought so hard and died to give us that freedom.. I honestly do not follow any kind of religion, but who are you to say something did not happen if you were never there

  13. Brooks, Congratulations on standing up for what you believe in! You are letting your light shine for all to see. Others will know that HE lives because you believed. THANK YOU! Kudos to your folks for raising you up in the faith.

  14. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,
    God bless you Brooks and bless your family for raising such a fine young man

  15. God bless you young man, I’m so proud that you stood up for your faith, and love for God.

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