Salton Sea Authority launches new interactive website


The Salton Sea Authority has a new and improved website,, and it is now live, according to the Salton Sea Authority recent press release.

The website redesign project was initiated late last fall to modernize the Salton Sea Authority platform and outreach efforts. After going through a competitive RFP Process, the Salton Sea Authority selected a local Riverside web development company called System Go IT ( and began the overhaul, according to the release.

According to records, the goal of the new website was to create a straight-forward information and interaction hub that would be easier for members to use on both desktop and mobile devices, include more photos and graphic elements, streamline content, resources and information, and make it easier to find and effectively understand the issues and what is being done at the Salton Sea.

New website features include:

  • “Be Heard” section in which viewers can share their thoughts, concerns and questions about progress at the Salton Sea.
  • A “Salton Sea Newsletter” that website visitors can request in order to receive quarterly updates on progress at the Sea — especially the Salton Sea Management Program; coordination of policy and funding needs at the local, state and federal levels; plus public events involving the Sea.
  • “Interactive maps” that show land ownership, the effects of massive air quality impacts, as well as renewable energy resources and facilities at the Salton Sea.

“The SSA places a high value on professional communication that involves and educates the public in a clear, concise, and easy to understand format,” said Phillip Johnson, Assistant Executive Director of the Salton Sea Authority (SSA). “The redesign of the SSA website mirrors the positive momentum that is happening at the Salton Sea, and seeks to expand upon that momentum.

The SSA is a joint powers authority empowered by the state legislature to work in consultation and cooperation with the California Natural Resources Agency to revitalize the Salton Sea. As the largest inland lake in the state of California, the Salton Sea is home to nearly two thirds of all migratory waterfowl traveling the Pacific Flyway, according to the release. The Sea’s ecosystem and economy are threatened by rising salinity levels and lowering water elevations, a trend expected to worsen due to massive agricultural- to-urban water transfers in December 2017.

The SSA and its partner agencies – Imperial Irrigation District, Riverside and Imperial Counties, Coachella Valley Water District, and Torres Martinez Tribe – are working to establish a healthy and prosperous future for a smaller but sustainable Salton Sea.