Salton City to get traffic light



The Board of Supervisors adopted plans Tuesday for a traffic signal installation at the Borrego Salton Seaway/South Marina Drive in Salton City.


The Board will advertise for formal bids to be opened August 25.


The Department of Public Works will send notices inviting formal bids.


The cost is projected at $1,969,500 which includes striping installation on State Highway 86, extending the Highway 86 northbound left turn lane to Borrego Salton Seaway 180 feet to provide a total length of 790 feet, the southbound right turn lane will be extended 240 feet to make a total length of 860 feet.


Five foot shoulders will be added to the existing lanes to accommodate large truck turning movements.


The proposed improvements will help the traffic circulation issues associated with the Salton Seaway Arco station and for the existing need for traffic signal control at the intersection.


  1. Living here 3 years I’ve seen many accidents at this intersection. I’m glad to see there finally doing something about it! Desert season is crazy and this will help everyone be safe. However it’s July! And I no longer see anyone working in it! What’s going on?

  2. It is a waste of money,and a waste of want to make It a safer intersection then tell the people to drive a lot safer.the people need to start opening their eyes and not trying to cross When there is traffic I mean come on guys open your f***** eyes. Its not that f****** hard to turn your head To see if there is cars coming why dont u take The money almost 2 Million.and do something to fix up the city that will be a much better investment

  3. Idiot!! There will always be traffic on the “expressway”. This has been needed for years. How many people have to die? And the idiot that says it’s drying up…. well guy the corvina are finally coming back, iid has to do a 43 something million dollar cleanup of the sea and Tierra del sol is one of the biggest off-roadingcompetitions anywhere. So know your facts buddy.

  4. It will save lives. No matter what happens with the Salton Sea, there will always be traffic going through. It’s not a waste of money, it’s a great idea.

    • It’ll be much needed. If any of you are familiar with the intersection it’s very busy and as the economy gets better so will traffic in the area. Salton City is growing however so slightly, and the signal will be important for the locals as well as the off roaders and commuters who truly enjoy the area.

      • dumb ideas that will cost travelers and truckers and cause delays and probably more accidents … its a freaking highway! dumb dumb dumb

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