Salas denies any wrongdoing in regards to IVC investigation



IID District 1 candidate Juanita Salas during the COLAB debate..

IMPERIAL — Imperial Valley College (IVC) Board Trustee Juanita Salas issued a statement June 2 denying any wrongdoing in regards to the investigation against her by the IVC Board.

Salas is being investigated by the IVC Board ad hoc committee for allegations by a student for recruiting volunteers in a classroom for her Imperial Irrigation District (IID) campaign for the District 1 seat.

The student came forward to IVC Board President Karla Sigmond, complaining that a Board member running for another elected office attended the student’s class, made a PowerPoint presentation, and asked for campaign volunteers, according to Sigmond.

“According to the conflict of ethics code AP 2710 of the Community College, I have not done anything inappropriate or in conflict with my position on the Community College Board,” said Salas. “I do not have any say on the students grades nor do I or can I influence any students who chose to or not to volunteer on my campaign.”

Salas also accuses IVC Board President Karla Sigmond of playing politics.

“According to Community College policy, any student can call a board member and make a claim of ‘wrongdoing’ that will call forth the board to set up an ad hoc committee,” said Salas. “There does not need to be any evidence and the student does not need to come forward. This policy was written this way to protect the identity of the students; unfortunately, Ms. Sigmond is abusing it to tarnish my reputation.”

According to IVC President Dr. Victor Jaime, the ad hoc committee is in the middle of the investigation of Salas. Results from the investigations will be available at the next Board meeting June 20.

In her statement, Salas thanked volunteers.

“I want to thank the students and young people who have been volunteering on my campaign,” concluded Salas. “It is my hope that these young people will walk away with the same commitment to their community that I had after volunteering on campaigns at their age.”



  1. Why would Matt dessert risk cheating with door hangers? To protect his interests with ZGlobal!

  2. I just wonder why, if Matt Dessert did take the doorhanger. That would mean he turned and walked away with it, why was this important part of the video, edited out. Fishy to me, because if I edited it, that would have been the most important part. Just saying.

  3. So IVC Board President Karla Sigmond is all gungho about going after Juanita, but it looks like Sigmond has a huge conflict of interest cuz she’s involved in the Sniveley campaign so it would seem she is just playing politics. Isn’t it funny how this story came to light a week before election day & after the mierda Matt Dessert did with the door hangers sounds like they’re trying to deflect. Now I wonder how IVC feels about their Board President using her title on KXO ads for Sniveley which makes it seem like IVC is behind the candidate I would think they’re not supposed to do that but what do I know.

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