Ryan Kelley is sworn in as District 4 Supervisor



Ryan Kelley taking the oath of office for the County Board of Supervisors

EL CENTRO – The Imperial County Board of Supervisors had their swearing in ceremony Monday morning of two returning board members, chairman Michael Kelley District 3, and  Jack Terrazas, District 2, and newcomer Ryan Kelley who replaced Gary Wyatt for the 4th district.

Many jokes were exchanged about the confusion two surnamed “Kelley” might cause on the board.

Michael Kelley spoke about the high level of professionalism of county workers. He said the board has made the Imperial Valley the renewable energy center of the world, and created a new tax base.

“It has been an honor to be on board during these exciting times.  Despite harsh economic times we have had no layoffs and we have balanced our budget. We are very concerned about citizen’s tax money. We operate a ‘no frills’ operation. We work very hard to be a positive voice, be fiscally responsible and to give a future to the upcoming generations. It is our desire to make the Imperial County and the world a better place to live for year s to come.”

Jack Terrazas also spoke about the renewable energy that has come to the valley the past few years and how they will bring the valley better economic times.

Ryan Kelley spoke last. He gave respect to the voters of the 4th district for electing him.

He also mentioned the large contingent of the north end Kelley clan that came to watch the swearing in ceremony.

“I am extremely proud to represent my district.  The north end needs special attention from the county resources. I believe we can decentralize some of our services and create development and direct delivery in the north end, “ Kelley said of some of his goals for his district.


  1. Charlie maybe it is because the northend receives less benefit of being part of this county than the south end of the county

      • Westmorelan and Calipatria are incorporated cities with their own city councils, budgets and laws….as for Niland and Bombaby Beach, yes, I have to them…ever been to Seeley or Heber?

          • Ok…Drew Rd south of I8 is horrid..Kubler, Brockman, Anza, Anderholt, Barbara Worth, Bowker…all are in horrible shape. Hell, Forrester is trashed from one end to the other. My point is, northend, southend, eastside, westside, the COUNTY, as a whole, has needs…no particular area is more or less deserving than any other.

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