Running the Race


letters to the editorDear Editor,

Sometimes our work at PJI is very high-profile, but often the ways we help people are behind-the-scenes.  We heard a great story from one of our clients this week that may not be front-page news but was a huge encouragement to all of us.

Three young girls in a small town in San Bernardino County decided to do something bold.  For the upcoming school talent show, they wanted to perform a skit that involved reciting a favorite Bible verse and singing a Christian song called “Happy Days.”  Now, as you can imagine, not everyone was happy.  Oftentimes, it seems just about anything goes in a school talent show … except a child proclaiming their faith in Jesus.  A PTA volunteer who was judging the tryouts raised concerns that someone might be offended by childlike faith, and it quickly became an issue that went all the way up to the District office.

The parents of these three elementary-age girls didn’t want their children’s tender faith to be squelched by jaded adults, so they did the right thing—they got in touch with Pacific Justice Institute.  Our attorneys pointed them to specific statutes and cases upholding the rights of students to express their faith in a talent show and offered to intervene.  Armed with that assurance, the parents went back to school officials … and left with some great news.  The school authorities recognized their girls’ First Amendment rights, and they will be allowed to share their faith at the show next month!

At Pacific Justice Institute, we are privileged to work with parents and clients like this on a daily basis.  On countless occasions, our strategic legal advice has helped people of faith to navigate tricky situations and achieve great outcomes with little fanfare.  Your support and prayers for PJI make it possible for us to assist families and churches behind the scenes in thousands of ways every year, most of which will never be publicized.

On behalf of all these families and churches … thank you.

Running the Race,

Brad Dacus, Esq.
President, Pacific Justice Institute