Ruben A. Juarez


Ruben A. Juarez

Ruben A. Juarez
February 21, 1940 – March 2, 2016

Viewing services for Ruben A. Juarez are scheduled for Friday, March 11, commencing at 6:30 P.M. and will continue throughout the night with a Rosary prayer scheduled at 7:00 P.M. at The Juarez Residence/Ranch located at 4887 Forrester Road, Westmorland.

Mass services are scheduled for Saturday, March 12, at 9:00 A.M. at Saint Joseph Catholic Church located in Westmorland followed by burial services at the Riverview Cemetery in Brawley. Family and friends are welcomed to attend a reception following the burial at the Juarez Residence/Ranch. For additional information please contact: Rufina (818) 813-4569 or Lourdes (510) 589-9427.

Los servicios funebres de Ruben A. Juarez están programadas para el dia Viernes, 11 de Marzo comenzando a las 6:30 P.M. y continuará durante toda la noche con una oración del Rosario programado a las 7:00 P.M en La Residencia/Rancho Juárez ubicado en 4887 Forrester Road, Westmorland.

La Misa de cuerpo presente se llevara acavo el dia Sábado, 12 de Marzo al 9:00 A.M. en la Iglesia Católica de San José en la ciudad de Westmorland, seguido de los servicios funerarios en el Cementerio de Riverview en Brawley. Los familiares y amigos están invitados a asistir a una recepción después del entierro en la Residencia/Rancho Juarez. Para obtener información adicional, por favor póngase en contacto con: Rufina (818) 813-4569 o Lourdes (510) 589-9427.

Ruben Juarez passed from this life to the next on Wednesday March 2, 2016 surrounded by his beloved family.

Ruben Juarez was born in Rancho San Nicolas Temascatio, Irapuato on February 21, 1940; he grew up in San Jose de Mendoza, a town a few miles north from Salamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico. His parents, Tomás Juárez and Brigida Almanza, had five children: Alfredo, Ruben, Sara, Alicia, and Tomasa. At eighteen years old, he came to the Mexicali/Calexico border to meet his brother Alfredo and work as a Bracero in 1958-59. Yet he was so much more than this…

The first things that come to mind, besides his ever-present sombrero, is his sense of pride, commitment, trustworthiness, loyalty, ingeniously hardworking nature and respect for the land, our mother earth.

For Ramona, his wife and partner of 56 years, he gave her six loving children: Elva, Thomas, Rufina, Ruben, Lourdes and Mayda; he had 15 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. He is the quintessentially loving husband, attentive father and intuitive friend. He was a responsible man who took take care of his family.

For his son’s and daughter’s, he was best “daddy, apa, papa,” a great story teller, a one of kind role model, a humorous man, who gave you a lesson with every conversation, a genius, someone that helped the most in need, a Father of all trades and most importantly, someone we could always count on when we needed advice.

For his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, he was known as an incredibly hardworking and humble “Tata, Grandpa, Abuelito” who cooked great food with mesquite wood from the trees he planted on the ranch…particularly his homemade guajillo salsa de molcajete. He had a clever smile that revealed his kindness and compassion. His grandchildren fondly remember his dusty little white truck coming around the corner of his house after work when he’d tell stories about the past, family and the land.

For his sons and daughters in law, he was Sr. Juarez or Don Ruben was quick-witted, dry sense of humor who could resourcefully build monuments with little more than a piece of string, chalk and a hammer.

For his nieces and nephews, “el Tio,” was a father, the Juarez Family pioneer, he was the “man of opportunities,” an exemplary role model that ‘took off his shirt’ to help others no matter if they were blood-family or not and treated everyone just like his own child.

For his compadres, comadres and friends, he was a great friend, a confidante, someone that anticipated someone’s needs and always there when you needed help and why not, someone you can have a beer or tequila from time to time , loved to sing and dance.

For the ranchers or “patrones,” he was a hard working, reliable farm worker, a creative and resourceful problem-solver who never gave up on a project, and always found a solution to every challenge, no matter the difficulty. He worked for many family valley pioneers including but not limited to the Johnson Brothers, Moore’s, the Dahm, Walker, Rodriguez Brothers and the Hoskins to name a few. His longest tenure of work was as a sheep herder for Stewart Kern’s Sweetwater Feeders Inc. for over 25 years, which led to the family learning to raise livestock and participate in 4-H and has continued for 3 generations.

And, for those who might have known him for only a few months, weeks, days, hours or even minutes…. He left a great impression and that made you instantly paused after that strong, rough feeling skin handshake that you would make you take a step back, nod your head and realized that in front you, you had a unique and special person with some much wisdom, history and yet enormous calmness that would put anyone at ease…he was that father, grandfather or uncle you once had or yearned for.

After Ruben retired, he and Ramona spent summers in Mendoza, GTO and winters in the Imperial Valley, outside of Westmorland, CA on Forrester Road. There he continued his love for the land and he cultivated traditional corn and helped the community in various projects supporting sustainable farming and opened up a family Tortilleria cooperative, La Placita in San Jose de Mendoza, Guanajuato, his hometown just north of Salamanca, GTO.


  1. I was talking to my friend about his passing. I related the story of how Don Ruben was digging a hole in the yard while he was on chemo.

    If anyone should wear a 10 gallon hat, it’s him.

  2. What a wonderful story and awesome legacy he left behind. Thank you Lord for the time you allowed him to live on this earth and make such an impact. Now he is resting peacefully with you. May God comfort and bless his loving family.

  3. Dale señor el descanso eterno y luzca para el la luz perpetua de las puertas del infierno l, libra señor su alma . Te encomendamos señor el alma de tu siervo Rubén para que habiendo salido de este mundo viva para ti y todos los pecados que comedio por la flaqueza de la vida humana tu limpialos con el perdón de tu misericordiosa voluntad amén . Primos y madrina la fam García Juárez siempre con ustedes . Padrino Rubén donde estés sabes que siempre te queremos hombre de lucha , tenacidad y respeto .

  4. Un día me presentaste ante Dios en mi bautizo hoy padrino Dios te recibe con los brazos abiertos porque recibe un ángel más en su reyno. Tío gracias por brindar en vida tanto amor y afecto a la Fam García Juárez en paz descanse madrina Ramona y primos desde México estamos con ustedes brindado le nuestras oraciones y el santo Rosario en su novenario . Dale señor el descanso eterno y lusca. Para el la luz perpetua de las puertas de infierno libra señor su alma te encomendamos señor el alma de tu siervo Rubén para que habiendo salido de este mundo viva para y todos los pecados que comedio por la flaqueza de la vida humana tu limpia los con el perdón de tu misericordiosos a bondad por Cristo nuestro señor Amén.

  5. It’s great to read the story of the “hyphen” between the date arrived on earth and the date departed to heaven!

  6. Alan and I were blessed to meet Mr Juarez when he came to visit his daughter Mayda and family in Virginia. He indeed leaves a legacy of love for all who met him

  7. Such a wonderful, strong man. I am honored to have known him. He truly made me feel like one of his daughters. Thank you, Don Ruben.

  8. What a awesome man and what rich legacy he leaves behind. My the God of all shower the Juarez family with His great love and fill their heart with wonderful memories of the rich and full life of Ruben.

  9. Excelente como persona, un tío ejemplar con principios y valores los cuales dejo como herencia a sus hijos, nietos y sobrinos. La familia Garcia Juarez lamenta su pérdida y pide a Dios nuestro señor se apiade de su alma, mande consuelo a todos sus hijos, esposa nietos,bisnietos. Y demás familia. Tío que Dios te bendiga y te tenga en su santa gloria.

  10. I truly loved him. The amount of respect and admiration I have for Don Ruben can’t be measured. God truly blessed me. His love for the land can only be measured by the love he had for his family.

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