Rock and Roll Restaurant


Jim_ShinnI am not talking about the Hard Rock Café. I am talking about a local restaurant that has the best classic rock music that I have heard in my decades of valley dining. I think the culprit is Sirius radio.

I have been going for breakfast every Wednesday morning for the last 15 years or so with a group of guys. We muster at 6:00 am in the morning and we grub, gab and give each other moral and spiritual support. There are usually three to five of us and the food and fellowship are very good.

I know you are wondering where this classic rock and cuisine are to be found. Well, it is the Farmer’s Boys Restaurant in El Centro. I noticed it about a month ago. As I am gulping down my hash browns, eggs, sausage and butter drenched English muffins, my head will began bobbing to the beat of the Rolling Stones, Canned Heat, Eagles, Santana, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin and more.

Fellowship and flashbacks all in one meal! I do like music, but it is not required for me to enjoy a meal. I do like the mariachis at Jalisco’s, but it is also very enjoyable to hear good music that I haven’t heard in decades. I listen to music on the radio, but it is usually Christian or oldies from KXO.

I want to give some more props to Farmers Boys. The food is good, the service both fast and friendly. I have written in the past about customer service here in the farmer boys logoImperial Valley. Well Farmers does a very good job. The help is very friendly, the food is fast and the orders are correct.

I have been eating there every Wednesday morning for the past year and there have been next to no mistakes. OK, we are usually the only ones in the restaurant, but still, they do good work. A few times I have eaten lunch there and the service and quality have both been there, but there are too many people to really hear the music.

I have always had company for lunches, so I wasn’t really listening for music, so I don’t know what the music scene is like during lunch.

foodMusic is good for your mental health, your mood and your digestion. Eating with good folks has the same effect. If you don’t have a dining routine, find a few friends and start a restaurant ritual. It really isn’t that expensive.

We also use a coupon from the Vons receipt, which gives a 20% discount for purchases over $15.00. Friends are fun, but they can also save you money if you pay together! I have another group of friends and we meet monthly for dinner.

Well, it is Monday morning and two more days until I return to my rock and roll restaurant. Show up and I will share my discount with you!