Road Trip!

Tony Evans
Pastor Tony Evans

    A church brother emailed me information about a Christian men’s conference in Nashville this summer. I am going if the money’s available. (I am accepting donations!!)


I am more worried this year about the tax situation, but God and budget willing, it will be another exciting journey of joy for me and my brothers in Christ. Just a couple of the headliners are Tony Evans and famed football coach Bobby Bowden. I have read books from both, but men on a road trip with Christ as a co-pilot are usually tremendous!

The Bible is about road trips too! I encourage you to go if you haven’t. In Genesis a bad road trip was when Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden. And then there was Abraham, who was sent by God to “leave your country…and I will make you into a great nation.” (Gen. 12:1-2).


A little later in the same book, several bad trips by Joseph, that finally turned out good. The last two weeks, I taught the munchkins at AWANA about Paul’s road trips. He started out blind and then he could see. He probably had more road trips than anyone in the Bible, or at least he wrote more. If you are not acquainted with the various passages of Paul, I encourage you to just Google “The Roman Road-Paul” and you will be amazed where that can take you!Roman Road

The most important road trip, of course was Jesus’ difficult road trip to Calvary. This was the painful, most difficult journey to the cross. Although the hardest trip in the history of humanity, it ended with His resurrection and a trip to the right side of our Heavenly Father. Talk about a great place for an eternal vacation! The destination often is worth the hassles of the travel.

Trips usually turn out good, according to the Bible, and according to your brother Jim. Our church is committed to road trips. My church brothers and sisters, in the last year have gone on missions trips to Mexico, Haiti and Thailand. One of my best men’s trips was when about ten of us, went to Washington D.C. to the largest, peaceful gathering of men in the history of the planet, where 1.2 million went our capitol and praised God in a meeting of Promise keeper’s men.

If you don’t have a plan, go on a Godly road trip this year. When our youth go to conferences, camp and other activities, they come back changed. It is all good. If you are looking for a trip for you and youngin’s I suggest the “Night of Champions” at Azuza Pacific College, 3/16/13. It is a bit west of Riverside, the cost is $10 and a great day of food, fund, music and testimonies of great athletes. For all youth, it is good, but especially those who love sports. If you want to go with Valley Baptist youth, give us a call at 344-3831, but organize a team from your own church.

Road trips are growth opportunities. We get away from the day-to-day distractions and spend quality time with quality people attending a quality program learning from a quality God. Women, please support you husband and children to go. I have witnessed major transformations from road trips.


My road to Damascus was at Jack Murphy Stadium over 15 years ago, and I didn’t go with the men of my church, but my broken brother-in-law. I was spiritually healed, and low and behold thereafter, his marriage was not only healed, but brought back from divorce. Yes, he and his wife were divorced and they are now happily remarried! Bamm!! Road trips are very good! I am glad we went. I am glad you are going. But when you get down to it, the best Road Warrior was our Father and Savior Jesus Christ, who took us with Him on the Road to Calvary!