River Cruise Company Offers Locals Tastes of Vacation During Presentation

A server at the event pouring wine for a guest.
A server pours one of the various wines available for the guests at the River Cruises promotional event last Wednesday.

BRAWLEY —  Enhanced with tables full of various wines and cheeses for guests to enjoy, the AMA Waterways River Cruises promotional event seemed to be a success at the Assaggio Italian Restaurant last Wednesday evening.

“The overall goal was to invite the community to experience river cruising,” explained Hugo Rodriguez, the main organizer of the event. “We wanted them to experience the product and understand what it is. Our purpose was to show the community that there are vacation opportunities out there for them.”

A variety of wine and cheese duplicated the style and effort the organization will offer clients who embark on their catered vacations. A bartender served guests wine of their choosing.

“This is the first event that we put together. We do participate in local events with the Chamber of Commerce, but this is the first event we’ve hosted ourselves,” said Rodriguez.

The AMA Waterways River Cruise company presented an overview of their services to guests during the presentation which showed river cruising with the company was an excellent and unique way to explore a destination.

“I think the outcome of the event was great. People came out. I understand that it’s a weekday, and people have to work and things are going on, but overall, I’m very happy with the turnout. The support I’ve gotten from the Chamber has been tremendous and I really appreciate that as well,” commented Rodriguez.

Guests enjoyed the variety of cheese and wine at the event.


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