huddleImagine we are in a huddle.


We are planning the plays for 2014. We look around from face to face. We are serious! We are concerned! We are sweaty! We are angry! We want to win and we are men!


Actually, women can be in the huddle too, but it makes for more of a male fantasy, to be back in the huddle again, ready to do battle with the enemy.


If you did not  play tackle football in the local park or yard, no problem. We still want you on the team.


It is important for men to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. We are called to be spiritual leaders.


You too can RISE UP!


Jim Shinn

Since I have been writing this column for the past several months, it has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. I am starting a SON-RISE Bible Study for men, this year, beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at my office in El Centro, at 1073 Ross Avenue, #C. It will be Tuesday mornings, beginning at 6:00 am. That is right, six in the morning.


You are invited, and you are encouraged to let others know.


One of the goals of the study is to encourage spiritual leadership in the home, work and community. Another outcome will be to help men change the things they can in their roles as a man, father, husband or healthy human being.


Got a new year’s resolution?? Bring it, and God and some guys will help you achieve your goals.


This column is to promote a new Bible study, but more importantly, I want you to encourage your own efforts at spiritual growth. You have a house so you can organize a home Bible study. It only requires two people. You can support other study groups.


I don’t live in Brawley, but I worship there. Every Sunday and Wednesday,


I drive down Main Street, and on the electronic marquee, at I think the Presbyterian Church, is an ad for a morning men’s prayer time or Bible study.


door knockingThere are many things going on at different churches, but it will probably only be the Jehovah Witnesses who are going to go to your door and invite you to something! You need to put down the remote and either email some brothers, or get on the phone to see what is going on.


“Rise Up” is a Promise Keeper theme where men are called by God to step up their game.


I don’t know if there will be a PK men’s conference nearby. If there is, a group of men from my church will be there. Closer to home is a men’s conference in Pine Valley which we have also attended. Here in Brawley, we have the “Man-Up” conference put on locally by the Gateway church. Our church, and others,have a men’s breakfast every three months.

family prayingIf it is hard to leave your comfort zone, just rise up in your own home. Pray with your wife, open your Bible and discuss your faith with your children.


If you want to have a Happy New Year, you need only raise your spiritual efforts. If you don’t want to Rise Up with us, go ahead and lie down, and look forward to a recycled 2013.


Ugh!!! Reruns!