Featured Sportsman: Spartan Athlete Richard Guzman

Central Union High student-athlete Richard “Ricky” Guzman leads the football team as quarterback for the Spartans.

EL CENTRO — As high school sports progress into the second half of the school year, there have been some great Spartan talent rising up throughout the spring and winter seasons. One player is one who stands out is Central Union High football player, Richard Guzman.

For the 2016 football season, Richard Guzman was the starting quarterback and fellow captain of the Spartans, leading them to three victories with two of those wins being league games against the Calexico Bulldogs and Palo Verde Yellow Jackets.

Guzman had roughly 31 completions for 376 yards over the season as well as three in-zone passes. For rushing yards, Guzman led his team with a total of 870 yards making nearly half of their overall 1,778 total team yards. With rushes and passes yardages combined, Guzman finished out his football season with a total of 1,246 yards.

But Guzman did not serve as just the quarterback for the team, but was also the all-around kicker of the team. After scoring a touchdown, Guzman would kick the extra point, only to rush back onto the field to deliver the ball down to the receiving team.

Currently, Guzman is a member of the Spartans’ soccer team where he plays mid-defense. So far, he has played nine games and has scored one of the team’s 18 total goals for the season. The Spartans have a current league victory over the Palo Verde Yellow Jackets with a score of five to zero.

After the soccer season ends, Guzman will begin baseball practice, where he will finish his high school sports’ appearances before heading to college.

After completing the baseball season, Guzman’s will have three straight academic years of participating in three varsity sports, excelling in each one — his freshman year he participated in junior varsity level sporting events.

“When looking back, there wasn’t any sport I liked more than any other, but it was the competition and the push from my father to be the best athlete I could be for myself and school,” said Guzman.

Following graduation, Guzman said he hopes to be accepted at a university where he can pursue his dream of becoming an engineering to launch what he plans to be a long and successful career.

“I’ve always wanted to go to school to be an engineering major,” said Guzman. “I hope while I’m in school I will be able to participate in different internships to build the skills and connections I’ll need to be an adequate leader in my profession.”