REVERSE 911 Emergency Notification System Is Now Available In Imperial County



IMPERIAL COUNTY – REVERSE911® is a community notification system which is being used in hundreds of towns and cities in the United States and is now available in Imperial County.  The system uses computer based software to deliver recorded or email messages to a geographic area.  The messages can be in the form of an emergency notice, a crime prevention message, or a request for information from the community at large.  The system allows County, City or local approved agencies to rapidly send telephone notifications to all residents and businesses in an affected area in the event of an emergency.

When it is activated the system will dial every “land line” phone number associated with a property in the defined area and play an event-specific message that includes instructions on what you need to do.  Residents and business with only cell phone, broadband phone service, or Voice over IP (VoIP) phone numbers are not in the REVERSE911® database.  Imperial County citizens, who wish to be contacted on their cell or VoIP phone, must register those phone numbers. 

Once a person registers their number online it will take two days for it to go into effect in the REVERSE911® database.

The incorporation of the REVERSE911® system represents Imperial County’s continuing commitment to providing our citizens with the most advanced technologies available to ensure that our local public safety is as effective as possible.

For More Information About REVERSE911® Emergency System or to enroll please visit: