Reporting From The Imperial Valley……


By John Renison

John Renison
John Renison

I am pleased to announce the awarding of several grants to various community groups in District 1. The recipients include the Calexico Boxing Academy, Little League,  Desert Girls Softball League and Calexico 4H.  They are all well deserved due to their community service and availability for our youth especially in after school programs. In recent weeks I have posted pictures of the awardees. Once again congratulations. If you are a non-profit organization service District 1, send me an email describing your organization and request for funding.

The annual Renewable Energy Summit was held in early March with a great attendance. Some of the sessions included an update on the industry in general and other topics related. We are at the top of the heap when it comes to renewable energy projects. We are on target to providing the 2030 renewable energy goals for the State of California. Our renewable energy projects employ hundreds during construction and that means money circulating in our economy. More projects are on the horizon.

Agrobaja was held in early March in Mexicali. With hundreds of exhibitors in attendance, Imperial County and the State of California participated for the first time. My thanks to Ag. Commissioner Connie Valenzuela for the hard work on setting up and being in attendance. Agrobaja is an annual event held to show the many farming and agricultural products from the entire country.

The Mexicali-Imperial Valley Alliance meeting was held two weeks ago at the  Imperial Valley Palms Barbara Worth Resort.  A good turnout was present to hear about our joint efforts to work together to solve and discuss binational issues like the Port of Entry project. The Calexico Port of Entry project is currently under construction and will be completed in 2018. On a recent trip to Washington, D.C. I visited with various Congressional leaders including Juan Vargas, Martha McSally, Beto O’Rourke from the House side. We also discussed the banking crisis along the border. In a meeting with Senator John McCain and Senator Jeff Flake, both from Arizona, we had discussions regarding border infrastructure and extra pay consideration for CBP officers assigned to remote areas.

I also attended the annual COLAB meeting in Brawley where Chairman Jack Terrazas and IID President Norma Sierra Galindo reported on the “State of the County”. Overall, we are working hard with IID and other State agencies to speed up the Salton Sea restoration. The “sea to sea” concept in my  opinion is a viable and good long term option save the sea from becoming and ecological disaster.

I join the rest of the Board of Supervisors in making a difference in 2016 with the homeless. We will make a dent in this problem and provide solutions. I would also like to prioritize assistance to the IV Food Bank in their quest for funding. This is a valleywide organization.

Finally, I attended the San Diego State University “Taste of the Mystery” student scholarship fundraiser at the Imperial Center in Heber. The decoration was “abolition era” theme which took you back to those glory days of prohibition. It was a different twist for a major fundraising event for the Imperial V alley Campus.

John R. Renison represents Calexico and Winterhaven as Imperial County Supervisor. He can be reached by email: or by calling 442-265-1013.