Renovation of Brawley’s Alyce A. Gereaux Park Begins



Silverstrand Construction begins work on the Alyce A. Gereaux Park located near Oakley School in Brawley. Renovations are expected to be completed by mid-2017.

BRAWLEY – Renovations of the Alyce A. Gereaux Park have begun in Brawley. The park is located near J.W. Oakley School.

The project consists of several new recreational features, including a splash pad, an athletic field, a walking trail, a drought-tolerant garden and landscape area, a picnic area, ADA accessible play equipment, restrooms, shade structures, sidewalks, irrigation improvements, and lighting.

Karin Morgan, retired Brawley Parks and Recreation director, successfully submitted plans for the project to the State of California Parks and Recreation in 2011. The state awarded the city a $2.7 million grant for the project in 2012.

After receiving four bids, the city awarded the contract to Silverstrand Construction for $2,446,320 on March 29.

Kimley-Horne and Associates designed the project with assistance and input from The Rainforest Art Project, the Brawley Elementary School District, and the community at large.

Public art elements will be incorporated into the design inspired by the desert environment and its wildlife, geology, and Native American history.

“We are delighted to see the work on the Alyce A. Gereaux Park move forward,” said Brawley City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore. “It’s been a long time coming. We certainly appreciate the support of the State of California in addressing needs in a community that cares about these topics so much.”

The project should be completed by the middle of 2017.