Redneck Rodeo is Highlight on Fair’s Closing Day

Raul Gonzalez won first place in the truck backing competition with a record breaking time of 20.31 seconds.

IMPERIAL – The Imperial Valley agricultural community came together Sunday afternoon at the Grandstand Stage to compete in driving trucks and farm equipment during the Redneck Rodeo on the final day of the California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta.

Testing the skills of local truck drivers and farm equipment operators, the Redneck Rodeo gives locals an opportunity to prove they can perform their job correctly in the least time possible.

“This is the first time I’ve come to the Redneck Rodeo,” said Sergio Flores. “It’s amazing to see how skilled these drivers are, and to see the way they handle those big trucks is very impressive.”

Members of the audience cheered on their favorite drivers who competed for first place in events such as backing up trailers. First, second and third place winners received cash prizes donated by sponsors.

Children also competed as they raced in mini tractors and received first place ribbons as they crossed the finish line.

“You can always find a little bit of everything here at the fair,” said Brandon Hayes. “This is an event the people from the Valley look forward to attending year after year and the Redneck Rodeo makes it that much better.”

The event was free of charge for all those who attended.

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