Red Letters Church



When you open your Bible in the Gospels, you will see words in “red letters”, which is done to indicate words that came from Jesus’s mouth. I really haven’t checked it closely, but I think there is more red ink in Matthew’s work than the other brothers. If you want to get red “inked” in an appropriate way, go to Matthew 5-7. If you want the template for living a life reflected in the light of Christ, that is a pretty good place to start.


A new church is coming to the community, but the sheriff (Jesus Christ) remains the same. The Red Letters Church is being planted in Imperial Valley by Wiffy Real and friends in ministry. “Wiffy” as friends and fans know him, grew up in Calexico and in the church. He has served in two different local churches and recently worked at Valley Baptist Church in Brawley as the Youth Director. He will be completing his degree next year in Theology at San Diego Christian College.


Wiffy is well known for his music ministry. He is available to lead worship and do concerts and has performed in Mexico, Texas, Arizona and throughout Southern California. His bi-national worship team recently won 1st Place at the Spirit West Coast, 3-day music festival. They are scheduled to perform at another music festival in Prescott, Arizona next month. If you have a musical need, he and his team are willing. Just call 760-222-7607.


In his first outreach letter for the Red Letters Church, soon to be Pastor Wiffy states: “…does the valley need another church? NO! Our mission is not just to open another church, but rather be a place where people from all walks of life, ‘Tax Collectors and Sinners’ if you will, can come and hear about Jesus. For this reason our church “DNA”, all the way from church services to community outreach will look, feel and sound very different.” If you are curious or committed to ministry to those not served, give him a call or email him at


The church planning is in the works. The launch date is September 7, 2014 at the Southwest Performing Arts Center, at Southwest High School in El Centro. The goal of Red Letters is not to take people from other churches, but establish a different flavor of faith that will attract the thousands of un-churched youth and families in Imperial Valley. The church has a goal of raising $15,000 for the planting process, so if you want to help grow God’s garden in the valley, give Wiffy a call or send a donation to 1586 “I” Street, #507.