I am beginning the column on Friday, February 14th and will finish it on the weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, but when you read this, I hope you will be basking in the warmth of memories of a good Valentine’s Day. You need to show your wife you love her, everyday, not just once a year, in February.


Tomorrow, we are having our quarterly men’s breakfast with a speaker named Florentino Olivas, a clinical social worker at Behavioral Health, but more importantly, a Bible study leader at Faith Assembly in Imperial.


It is now two days later, Sunday and the men’s breakfast was great. We had eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and biscuits and gravy. We all left our Doctor’s advice at the door, but we received several helpings of God’s advice inside. Mr. Olivas, or “Flo” as friends call him, put it to us through Proverbs 4. Flo is a father of three boys, and married to a Christian woman, who runs the preschool at Faith Assembly. His oldest recently finished 4 years in the Navy, is married and they bought a house in San Diego. He will soon be Grandpa Flo, God willing.


The message was simple. If you are young, listen. If you are older and have some wisdom, you need to instruct. Wisdom will keep your path straight and also give you a legacy that will shine amongst family, friends and co-workers. If we forgo good decisions, it will affect relationships and our health. Flo has worked for years as a supervisor at Behavioral Health, and has seen the health, mental health and relational consequences of foolish behavior. A person needs to listen and follow directions. Back in the Garden, man heard the directions, but did not follow them. We all suffer as a result.


We weren’t suffering at the breakfast. If you don’t have a men’s breakfast at your church, we encourage you to get busy. It is good for men to come together and break bread. It is a part of building and sustaining a vibrant church. If you want to get started, call Valley Baptist Church. We have many wise guys willing to share their testimony for the men of your church. We are also willing to come and eat your food! For reals though, call 344-3831 if you need help getting a men’s breakfast going. And learn how to be a better Valentine!