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arn lahde
Arn Lahde

EL CENTRO – For several years, IID has been attacked from every direction on both the water and energy fronts by groups and individuals working to destroy what the people of Imperial Valley began building in 1911. With a string of outside management teams minding the store, no one ever dreamed that IID would someday fight back.

The IID board of directors, in its wisdom, handed the utility back to the local leadership to rebuild the strength and stability of a pioneer in the utility industry.  These locals assembled a team, using a blend of internal talent and outside expertise, to help begin the rebuilding process.


Equipped with profound knowledge about IID’s unique issues, a vision for a successful future and resoluteness for a thriving IID, the team is poised to rebuild the District by capitalizing on its strong foundation, unique strengths and long history of serving its communities well.


Their strategy is simple: develop a visionary team and an organizational structure that is conducive to the ever changing utility landscape then empower employees to act in IID’s and its customers’ best interests.  By developing an atmosphere that fosters creativity, innovation and action, IID will soon be on the trajectory for greatness.

This rebuild will not be limited to the internal walls of IID, but will reach into the community to begin rebuilding its relationships and garner the support it needs to mollify its critics and protect it against destructive forces.

With a century of experience managing natural resources, assets and people for the benefit of the local community, IID is still in a perfect and unique position to take its place as a leader in the water and energy industry in the Southwest. It will accomplish this through local control resolved in sustaining the will of the people who, through their own blood, sweat and tears, proudly built their own utility more than 100 years ago.

Together, we can rebuild the IID that Imperial Valley pioneers created with great sacrifice.


  1. Would it not be a kick in the pqnts for all the opposing groups to pull together such as the farmers, county, etc?. Lets be good neighbors for our kids sake and our future.

  2. Your strategy statement is a profound one.
    The IID is still the best public owned utility in the South West. It is made up of people from the local communities of IV and Riverside. These people will band together to rebuild the Utility that they have given their lives to. They just need a chance and it looks like they will finally get it. Great news! Go Arn! Go IID!

  3. You mean we can not be the country bumpkins anymore? We might actually achieve greatness? We can insure the next generation has it better than this one?

    What a concept!

  4. With so many hot spots it will be difficult to keep your focus Arn. It starts from the inside out. Without a transformed business culture we will be once again just pissing in the wind. As you know this isn’t the first time we have begun to rebuild. With 2 year political cycles and swings even the best layed plans dilute and fizzle very quickly. You’ll need to beef up your service agreement considerably and likely relocate in order to succeed. The long term out of town commuter thing doesn’t work and by my estimation it is a 5 year rebuild process. As you know there are very qualified staff and management here to successfully implement the rebuild plan provided we are given the support and authority to succeed. Eat well, exercise, pray, stay healthy, communicate-communicate-communicate and start the rebuild in HR.

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