Reader writes “Crises waiting to happen”



letter to the editor

THE WELL IS RUNNING DRY.   50% of America is experiencing record drought…Parts of the West are in a mean reverting action that could provide decades of less water than usual….The last century was the wettest in 2000 years…


I believe we are in a drought that will last 60 years in the west….Even if we are not, the water agencies have to plan for it… and THEY HAVE NOT….


Actually the West has been growing so fast, many water providers have been going from hand to mouth. This is a crisis waiting to happen…


A major city must know definitely where it’s water will come from for 50 to 100 years….New laws are requiting this as mandatory…So we are at the beginning of a water stampede which will be historically significant… Price is the most efficient way to control a scarce resource.

Every seasoned professional water person will tell you: “He who has the water makes the rules.” They will also tell you; never sell water, as it will never be cheaper and will become impossible to replace.  They will tell you that conservation will be a cardinal rule in using water….They will tell you the most senior water rights are profoundly valuable.  They will tell you to be deeply introspective about how you handle your water rights.


The opportunity for Imperial Valley to experience desert miracle #2 is at hand…. This treasure called present perfected water rights, representing 20% of a strategic river is the highest priority and most valuable water in the West.


California via climate change and or drought experience could see 30 to 40% less snow pack in the Sierras. The Colorado River could lose 15 to 20%.  With growth continuing, a significant shortage of water is in process now…

Standing in the way of a natural and rational process of allocating a scarce resource is the Imperial Irrigation District. It’s water is priceless, yet it is allowing a massive (500,000 AF) to leave the valley forever at 90% below fair market value… QSA not only robs the Valley of its hard earned wealth inherent in water rights, adds a nuclear bomb type fear of huge liability in the billions but worse also produces an adverse cloud over every right in the west by a historically significant   miss price….. mistake…

IID has a profoundly serious image problem that must be addressed immediately if it is to gain any support in critical places outside the valley….The big picture and the outside world must finally be appreciated…Your future depends on it.

Please think about this…   more later…

My best regards,

Tom Havens


American Water Resources, Inc.