Reader calls Mr. Obama out


letters to the editorTo the Editor:

Nine months into his second term, President Obama has publicly proved his incompetence.

After the 8/31 political show in the Rose Garden,  the U.S has lost all credibility. Our enemies and our allies are mocking us. Our President is a coward. He talked a big game with red-lines and accountability. Then he spent the next year playing golf instead of building a multi-national coalition against Assad. When the Press called the President out he decided to act.


He sent John Kerry out, on 8/30, to stress the importance of immediate action against Syria. On the eve of 8/30, the President “took a walk”. It must have been a very special walk.  Because, on 8/31 our President refused to stand behind his own rhetoric and hung the Secretary of State out to dry in the process.


With 91% of the electorate against military action in Syria and the 2014 mid terms coming quick, Congress will have a hard time authorizing a strike against Syria. The coward (our President) found a way to blame his own ignorant arrogance on Congress and insulate himself from the fallout.


Today (9/4/13), Mr. President stated “I did not set a red line…. My credibility is not on the line.  The international community’s credibility is on the line.  And America’s and Congress’s credibility is on the line.” President Obama is a study in self-serving arrogance.


Mr. President, the People will not buy anymore self-serving nonsense from you. Our enemies hate us more than ever. Our allies refuse to stand with us. Even Israel, who is dependent on us to protect their sovereignty, is mocking the United States.


Mr. President, never-mind your war on oil, coal and natural gas. Never-mind the the Affordable Care Act that will cost jobs, drive up poverty, increase our deficit and drive up your selfish and socialist agenda. Those are in-house problems that the electorate can fix when your term expires.


Mr. President, your inability to lead, your inability to govern, your inability to create and enforce a consistent foreign policy, and your, self-serving ego, have created global problems that the U.S electorate will be working to correct long after your second term has ended.


President Barack Hussein Obama, YOUR ARROGANCE, INCOMPETENCE AND SELF SERVITUDE are the greatest threat to the national security of the United States of America. Mr. President, if you truly love your country then you can serve the United States best by offering your resignation.


Kevin Hickingbottom

Brawley, CA