Ramey’s Meats Will Soon Move to New Location



Ramey’s Meats new location on Main Street across from Von’s.

BRAWLEY – Ramey’s Meats, a longtime Brawley business and supplier of carne asada as well as other custom cuts of meats, will soon move to a new location on West Main Street. The original company opened sometime in the 1930s, according to owner Dale Ramey.

“The new owner changed the name to Ralco, Inc. in 1946,” said Ramey. “In 1972, my dad, Darrell, bought the company and changed the name to Ramey’s Meats.”

The company has three employees and they specialize in custom meats. The current location had lockers for people to rent and store meat.

“The new store will not have lockers,” said Ramey. “That’s a thing of the past. We will just sell meat. Ninety-nine percent of the meat we sell is Brandt Beef. They have the best beef. Later on, we may sell other things such as beer. We are hoping to hire some more people, too.”

The new location is located on Main Street across from Vons. Originally a Denny’s restaurant, it has had a string of other restaurant businesses try and make a go of it, but nothing has seemed to work.

Ramey had the building extensively remodeled, adding a new dimension to Main Street.

“It’s all ready,” said Ramey. “We’re just waiting for some backordered equipment and for the state and county inspectors to OK everything. I’m hoping to get into the new location in a couple of weeks. We’re paying for electricity for two places right now. I’d like to be up and running by Labor Day.”

Ramey says that carne asada, a marinated meat, is their company’s biggest seller by far.

“We’ll have more display cases and have more of our products out for people to see,” said Ramey.

A map of every city Ramey’s has shipped to is displayed at the entrance of the current store.

“We ship all over the United States and have shipped to every state,” said Ramey. “That’s going to the new store and I still need to update the map.”

The current Ramey’s Meats store is located on Highway 111 north of Brawley.