“Then He returned to His disciples and found them sleeping.” (Mark 14:37) Jesus said this right after He predicted Peter’s denial of Christ and He had told them to “Keep watch and pray.” The Lord’s Supper had passed and they were spending quality time with their Savior. He asked the soldiers to stand guard, and what happened? A snooze fest!

The Supreme Court just gave a big pass in favor of gay marriage and the church just lost another round in the culture wars. Now I have read the book, as have many of you, and in the end we win. Christ is on the throne and His will, will be done. But what are we to do while we wait for His glorious return? I don’t think it is to sleep.

I have often wondered what the meaning of these passages was. It shows us that too often we followers of Christ are lazy dogs, taking naps when we have been given a clear directive to stay awake. It also shows our weakness in the face of stress, danger or difficulties. Not only does it say, ‘don’t sleep’, but also says to beware of temptation.

I can’t speak for the nation, but when it comes to the valley churches, too often we go in the direction of dozers. I write because I like the activity. Hopefully it helps The Desert Review and I think the larger the marketplace of ideas, the better. The Review, is an alternative to the I.V. Mess, I mean Press. Too often our local paper is biased against the Christian reader and writer. We see lots of negativity about the church in the culture wars and I read very little for Christ in the Letters to the Editor, and elsewhere. I saw one letter, from a long-time friend, who called out a local liberal pastor and his column. I called my friend to give him a high five. One of my spiritual gifts is the gift of encouragement. In this era of religious persecution, censorship and moral decay, the church needs to get busy, not go to bed

I think the passage was about passivity. God wants us to be active. He desires we defend the faith and promote the Gospel. If we just stay awake, we might know what to do, but it isn’t even an issue if we have hit the snooze button again. There are a few ways to stay awake. One is fellowship with believers. Another is to pray and get involved in Bible study. More importantly, speak up, write a letter or get involved in a conversation and share the Christian worldview.

I really appreciate my friend who wrote the letter. Unfortunately, it may be a month or two before I see another one. It is important to be busy in our churches, but we also need to be awake and active out in the community. You will see Valley Baptist out at the local Farmer’s Market. You need to be in the local marketplace of ideas! Have a blessed week and stay awake. These are the last days and you really don’t want to miss out!



  1. Hey! Hey You! Yeah, you the reader! I can see your eyes starting to droop! Feeling the nod coming on. Wanting to take a rest! Don’t do it! DDDDOOOONNNNNN’TTT Fall Asleep! Wake up and go Valley Baptist Church on Sunday. It is at 7th and B street in Brole. Don’t just go to worship at 10:30. Get your rear in gear and go to Bible study at 9:30. That will get the spirit going! And I hear a rumor they might start a free pancake breakfast for those early rising, Bible studying soldiers of the cross! Check it out….or go back to sleep!

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