R-Rated Sunday School


Adam and Eve

Men should go to Sunday school. We all can learn more about God’s Word.

Men also see things differently than women and they add to the learning of everyone in the class. If you are going to be the spiritual leader of the family, you can’t get too much spiritual education. Getting up a little earlier on Sundays and dragging (leading) your team to church is a good thing.  You are walking the walk, everyone benefits from the Sunday school experience, and you can learn a lot if you are blessed with a good teacher and a group of inquiring minds.

Our adult Sunday school at Valley Baptist Church, (9:30 am at 7th and “B” Street in Brawley), is excellent. Not only is the teaching good, but Sunday school is a time to chew on the word, ask questions, share perspectives and dialogue about spiritual questions. We get deep sometimes but we also laugh. God has a great sense of humor and his image is alive and well in our class. Your Sunday school is probably good, but if it is lacking, shop around. I am not saying that because I am the VBC Sunday school director. I state that because it is the truth and I want men to grow so they can bear more fruit! Church is good, but sermons are usually monologues. Sunday school gives you the opportunity to listen to many intelligent and insightful perspectives on the Bible, Christians and the world we live in.

The “R” rating for our class is you can “renew” you mind, your efforts will be “rewarded”, and well our class “rocks!” I frequently find the sharing “revealing” and I am “reminded” of the joy of my salvation. I also scratch my head and say “really!” Here is an example from last week. We are studying in Genesis 2 and 3. Here is the question we learned the answer for. God was clear to man, when in Gen. 2:16 He says “…but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.” Now Eve had not been created yet so she did not hear the Word. In Genesis 3 she is being tempted by the serpent and according to verse 6, it states “She also gave some to her husband, who was with her and he ate it.”

Why didn’t Adam stop her? He was supposed to the leader, but he was silent. He could have shared what God had said at that moment and bamm!…no death, disease, sin, no fallen world! She offered and he ate. He was weak, forgetful, rebellious, or maybe just doomed. There is another perspective that I am going to share with you that I heard in my Sunday school class. At the time of the fall, Adam and Eve were naked. Adam was paying attention to the melons not the apples!! When we heard that interpretation, there was some holy hollering going on that could be heard as far as “A” Street!

It was funny, but it was also deep. Men get distracted, and it can lead them down a path of perdition. What gets us off our game? Yes, women, lust and the sin of sexual sightings. But there is more. We are often working too much (and thinking about it), and forget to build treasures in heaven. Rather than being in the Word, we are in the newspaper, on the internet, or cuddling with the remote. We follow our focus and a good Sunday school experience can guide our renewing minds. Sure you may lose a little sleep on Sunday morning, but it might help you sleep better the other days. And yes, Sunday school just might help your “rest!”