Quick Hits


I think the media might have blown Yasiel Puig’s latest transgression a bit out of proportion.

The guy was late to work. It’s not like he failed to show up at all, he was simply late. It’s certainly not the most professional move for a rookie, but think about how many 22-year olds are late to their jobs every day. Yeah, like I said, it’s not that big a deal.

The Jason Heyward beaning Wednesday was ugly. Hate to see a guy take a ball off of his face. Hate it even more when he’s on my fantasy baseball team. Luckily it seems like the Braves’ outfielder will make a full recovery in time for the playoffs. Here’s hoping he heals quickly.

tim tebowIt appears Tim Tebow will actually make the New England Patriots’ roster. (At least as of the writing of this column.) Count me as one of those who is surprised by this. From what I’ve seen and read, Tebow has looked pretty bad this preseason (because, you know, he can’t actually throw a football very well which is a pretty big skill for an NFL quarterback to have) yet it seems he will stay employed. I’m guessing Belichick has something up his sleeve.

College football starts in a week. The NFL follows a week after that. While it’s still hot enough to be summer, I guess I’m ready for some football.

I am hopeful the NCAA will come to its senses sooner rather than later over this selling of autographs nonsense. In an age where they are making $6.5 billion annually off the skills of unpaid workers, it is criminal to rob those same workers of the use of their own image. Just imagine if someone took control of your name, marketed it and profited off of it and then gave you next to nothing in return. It would certainly make me a little more than just upset. The time has come for these kids to be given more of a share in the billions of dollars being generated by the NCAA and its athletic programs. Hopefully the powers that be recognize this and are willing to change.

Speaking of NCAA football, Alabama is your preseason No. 1, followed by Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford and Georgia. Seems like a good enough ranking to me. But, honestly, I’ve never understood preseason rankings as they are just so speculative. Still, I’m guessing these give teams, along with a handful of others, will be the ones competing for the title as the season progresses.

New York Yankee Ichiro Suzuki got his 4,000th professional hit the other day. This put him about 256 hits short of Pete Rose all-timeichiro number, but, as you probably know, Ichiro is actually not even close to breaking Charlie Hustle’s mark because 1,300 of his hits came when he was playing in Japan. Still, the milestone is a testament to this guy’s batting eye and ability to hit a baseball. I seriously doubt we will ever see another hitter like Ichiro, at least not in my lifetime.

Alex-Rodriguez Finally, kudos to Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster for hitting Alex Rodriguez. I just wish he would have explained why he did it. (And no, I don’t buy it was an accident, not when the first two pitches went behind A-Rod). I do not understand why MLB is letting A-Rod play after suspending him for 211 games. He is affecting a pennant race when he should be sitting at home wearing a cone of shame. So, if Dempster wants to hit him, good for him. I just wish a couple other pitchers would do the same thing.