QSA Settlement Agreement Signing Event

Eric Hanscom
Salton Sea by red rocks

Imperial County Board of Supervisors and the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors will come together for a signing ceremony of the settlement between the County, the Air District and the IID that ends more than 12 years of litigation.

“This settlement is important not only for the two agencies but to the entire region,” said Benson, “and it wouldn’t have happened if not for the hard work by the negotiators on both sides over many months. I want to particularly thank Directors Jim Hanks and Matt Dessert, who stayed with this process and saw it through to a successful conclusion.”

“What this settlement means to the residents of Imperial County,” Kelley said, “is that, for the first time since the QSA was signed, the two governmental bodies that represent the same constituents are now in a position to speak with a single voice on what we both agree is a looming environmental crisis at the Salton Sea and to demand not just accountability but action.”

The event will also highlight the upcoming State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Workshop where the County and IID are leading the effort to ask the State of California to fulfill its obligation to restore the Salton Sea by identifying a specific restoration plan that can be implemented and funded in time to avert the looming crisis threatening Imperial County and the entire State.

For more information, contact:

County of Imperial 
Gary Wyatt, Intergovernmental Relations Director
Phone: 442-265-1001

Imperial Irrigation District 
Marion Champion, Officer of Media Communications
Phone: 760-604-4120


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  1. All bought and paid for by the rate payers. Don’t forget to invite those aristocracy whose self imposed legal fees ratepayers covered to the tune of about $500,000. The rich get richer and we poor rate payers get the shaft.

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