Public Enjoys National Coffee Day with Calexico PD

The public mingling with the Calexico Police Department

CALEXICO — The public had an opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee and mingle with the Calexico Police Department this past Thursday on National Coffee Day at the Enrique Camanera Public Library.

Reference librarian Norma Gerardo kicked off the function by introducing Lt. Jesus Serrano, who  challenged the audience of roughly 50 to ask, inquire, and share any questions or testimonials pertaining to local Calexico law enforcement.

“We, as officers, want the community to know that we are here to help. If they don’t ask for the help, then there is nothing we can do, because if we don’t know what the issues are in the community, we won’t be able to come together to fix the problem,” said Serrano.  “As a law enforcement agency, we have to work together with the community to find out what the problems are and how we are going to fix them.” 

One of the first topics of conversation was the security of public school safety in regards to the recent school shootings and if there were any preventive precautionary measures being taken locally.

“As a department we are definitely coordinating with all the schools,” said Serrano. “We have mock drills and in addition to that we are working with all the allied agencies such as border patrol to create a plan. In case something does happen, we can all be on the same page,” he explained.

Officer Acuna was asked to elaborate on the details and policies of the police officer cameras. 

 “Only full time officers wear the cameras on their shoulder,” Acuna explained. “They have the capacity to record nine hours of information. The cameras are switched on during calls to preserve space and utilize efficiency.”   

Another major issue concerning the public was Calexico traffic congestion. The Calexico Police Department announced it has  added three additional motorcycle officers specializing in traffic enforcement.

“I’m happy with such a good turnout,” noted Community Service Director Sandra Tauler. “All the great questions show how truly engaged the community members are with this function.” 

It’s good to have communication with the community so we can prevent unnecessary problems and be more productive,” said Joong S. Kim, former mayor of Calexico. “I hope we continue to do this, because it’s good for the community to voice their concerns.”