Praying for Leaders Who Disagree With Us


prayerPraying for our leaders is something we know we should do, but it’s not always easy especially when we’re on opposite sides of the issues. CitizenLink President Tom Minnery illustrates why it’s important to pray for God to work through our leaders.

“In the Old Testament, in the day of Daniel, through the means of directing Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzer and Darius, God handled those despots fairly well to effect His own desires for the Israelites. We saw that in the Old Testament time and time again.

“Obviously, God can, and does, direct the heart of any leader at any time He wills it even those who don’t believe in Godly principles.”

Today some people believe the only option they have is to pray. Others believe action is the answer. But Minnery says balancing our prayers for our leaders with biblical citizenship, voting, engaging elected officials and staying informed, makes the most impact on society.

“Pray for righteousness, pray for our leaders, pray for them to act. Do not give up in expecting that God will maneuver human circumstances to accomplish His will.”