Pray With Me

Elizabeth Crews, Westmorland Presbyterian Church
Elizabeth Crews, Westmorland Presbyterian Church

BRAWLEY – Westmorland Presbyterian Commissioned Ruling Elder Elizabeth Crews is passionate about God’s Word, preaching it, teaching it, and writing about it.


Elizabeth teaches several classes a week, prepares and delivers her sermons weekly, cares for her flock, and in her spare time, writes.


pray with me bookShe is a prolific author and has recently published her fourth book, “Pray With Me.”


“I believe most people don’t understand prayer. It is of utmost importance. It is how you learn about God intimately,” Elizabeth said.


Elizabeth sends a daily devotional through her website, , that reaches over 9,000 people.


People soon began requesting a compilation of her daily devotions. Liking the idea, she compiled her latest and another book was born.


“I personally sign each book with a blessing. If someone buys the book as a gift, I can inscribe their name,” Elizabeth added.


Elizabeth has written bible studies, too. She doesn’t count those with her books. She began writing studies for Gospel Publishing. Even before joining the ministry full time, Elizabeth turned every job into a writing job. She published company newsletters, employee handbooks; she said if she had nothing to write, she would pull an envelope out of her purse and start writing on that.


Elizabeth’s path has not been a conventional one. As moderator of the San Diego Presbytery, a governing board of the Presbyterian Churches in San Diego, Hawaii, and Imperial County, she knew the Westmorland Presbyterian Church’s lengthening search for a pastor and a weekly pulpit supply person.


Seven years ago, as moderator, she agreed to preach the Sunday between Christmas and New Year’s, which happened to be New Year’s Eve.


The date was significant. As the world prepared for a New Year, Elizabeth was about to cross over the mountains and drop down into a new life. She felt God’s calling as soon as she descended the grade.


“I looked out and the Valley was so beautiful and I felt this is where I needed to be,” Elizabeth remembered.


Her congregation was shrinking, aging, and tired. Her first years consisted only of Sundays, and then the stay became extended. She loved the people and they loved her.


Now she is full time, busy with an active, growing denomination, teaches classes that draw men and women from throughout the valley, and still finds time to write.


“Pray With Me” can be ordered from her website for $20.00, or call Elizabeth at 760-344-0509 (email eliz.crews@gmail) and she will deliver a signed book for free to your house, just in time for Christmas.