Practical Teen; Impractical Adults


Jim Dear AbbeyDear Abby,

I wrote you back in 2014, on May the 24th as a matter of fact. I wrote you because I am 16 and my boyfriend and I wanted
to have sex. It is now 2016 and I am a single parent and the father is not involved. I have also had an abortion. Thanks for referring me to Planned Parenthood, but things didn’t work out so well.                                              

Signed, Practical Teen in New York.


Abby is such a bag of air. Not only that, when teens go to adults, they need “practical” advice, not fantasy thinking and political correctness. A teen did write Abby about what to do because she and her teen boyfriend wanted to have sex. All she got was a referral to Planned Parenthood, but was it practical? The word practical relates to experience gained through actions. The teen had tried to talk with her mother, because she “wanted to keep the risk of getting pregnant as low as possible.” Her mother didn’t want her on birth control, so she rung up Abby.


Research, science and life experience should guide our decisions to determine what is practical. Think for a minute about yourself, or teens that you know in your community. How many teens do you know who became sexually active with a partner, are now married with that partner?  I am 61, and that list is next to none. Research shows that teen marriages don’t work 75% of the time, and that statistic increases, not decreases with time. What is practical is for teens to abstain from sex. Most do, but too many do not. And what happens. Too often, there is pregnancy, and fathers are abandoning partners and their children at the highest rates since we became “civilized.”


It is very easy for Abby to give bad advice, because our culture is full of foolishness. When kids want to do stupid things, we as a society are very will to pay the price for their mistakes. To have a spine and say “knock it off” is a little too much these days. Mr. Taxpayer is going to pay all the health care costs, welfare benefits and prison rent for all those fatherless children. Make no mistake, many well balanced, functional adults come from single parent families, but unfortunately, it is the exception rather than the rule.


It is sad that Abby gets paid big bucks for making mistakes…Come to think of it, it is similar to many politicians out there. Those elected ask us to pay for the mistakes of others. I myself do not mind helping out my fellow American, and an occasional Mexican. What burns me is when intelligent adults, like Abby, perpetuate problems rather than promote solutions. Promoting self-control, healthy behavior and academic success in young people is really very practical.  Listening to Abby is often impractical, but I still read that fool. What does that make me?