Powder Puff Returns to BUHS as Juniors Shutout Seniors, 6-0


BRABUHS logoWLEY – Friday night, Warne Field lights were lit up, crowds filled the stands, cheerleaders cheered and kettle corn smoke hovered over the field even though the Brawley Wildcats had their season bye.

Yet something seemed amiss down at the football field as the cheerleaders with hairy legs and sinewy biceps couldn’t quite keep the beat or remember any cheers.

It was Powder Puff Football, put on by the Brawley Wrestling team as a fundraiser. Head coach Tony Leon manned the mic in the press box calling plays and color commentating, which included begging for Kettle Corn once the aroma permeated his box and chastising the cheerleaders for their lackadaisical performance.

Meanwhile, the wrestlers who also play football coached their respective teams, frosh against soph, and then the main event, juniors versus seniors, while wrestlers who could fit in cheerleading uniforms were so assigned.

Preparing for the game while the sophomore class beat down on the freshman were senior Powder Puff offensive “line women” Briana Bogarin and Tatyana Gray.

Briana said about her position of guard, “I block everyone around on defense, the whole front line.”

Tatyana explained her position of left tackle, “I’m on offense. If they try to come to me I just block them.”

Both agreed, “We are going to dominate the juniors.” Unfortunately for their prediction, by the end of the game, the seniors fell to the juniors 0-6.

Wrestling team members gave it their all, with Coach Leon choosing to keep his weight-conscious grapplers away from manning the snack bar, except (of course) for the heavyweights. Despite the senior girls’ loss, those attending had a great time, judging by the full stands and enthusiasm of the crowds.