Police Make Big Splash in Brawley with Community Pool Party

BPSA grills up some meat on the Chevy truck grill donated to the cause by Joel Gonzalez

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Public Safety Association held it’s fourth annual Summer Splash Party Saturday afternoon at the Lions Center in Brawley.

“Every summer before school starts, we, as the Public Safety Association and members of the police department, get a chance to give back to the community by hosting this event,“ said event coordinator Detective Rich Davey.

Open pool time, sodas, water, juices, chili beans, and a live DJ (DJ Jeti Richard Zamora) were all free and available for the public to enjoy. Retired Brawley Police Officer Robert Smith cooked hotdogs on a Classic Chevrolet Hood style grill, provided by the Joel Gonzales family.

“We like to have officers down here from the department to become engaged with members of the community, to let them know we are here for them,” added Detective Davey. “Police work is more than just catching bad guys, our main goal as police officers is to be here for the community.”

The Brawley Police Explorers, a program for 14-21 year olds to develop basic knowledge for those interested in a potential law enforcement career, were volunteering and serving.

Jovial expressions by pool goers affirmed the fun-loving climate of the event. While some waded around in the shallows, others launched off the springboard into the deep. Once the Hawaiian Shaved Ice truck arrived, most of the kids shot out of the pool and raced to the ice stand.

Taking advantage of the calm water, Jessica Leon and Giovanni Castillo of Brawley enjoyed some mother and son one-on-one time.

“We’re here enjoying the pool and just having a good time,” shared Leon.