Police ask bicyclists to wear helmets in light of recent accident

bike accidentEL CENTRO – In light of a recent collision wherein a teenage bicyclist, who was not wearing a biking helmet was struck by a car as he rode into the path of on-coming traffic, the El Centro Police Department would like to take a moment to remind everyone about the importance of wearing bike helmets.
The California Vehicle Code requires anyone under the age of 18 who is riding a bike, non-motorized scooter or skateboard upon a street, bike path or trail to wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet.
“With school letting out for the summer, we can expect to see more young people out on bikes, becoming a regular component in the flow of traffic”, said Commander Jeff Mason.  Everyone who uses the road needs to be aware of the rules and follow them, that includes wearing a bike helmet.
“The requirement of wearing a helmet should not begin with a violation of law, it should begin with the expectations of the parent, if parents provide the helmet and encourage its wearing, minors are more likely to comply”, said Mason.
Bicycle helmets are available from a variety of retail outlets and proper fitting instructions are included with each helmet.
“Thankfully the youngster involved in the crash Sunday was not seriously injured, nevertheless it was a traumatic event for him, his family and the motorist.  We want to do everything possible to ensure the safety of all who use our streets and we will apply both education and enforcement to meet our goal”, said Mason.