PMH Foundation Contributes Towards the Purchase of the OBIX Perinatal Data System


 PMH foundation

Brawley, CA. 2013- Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District would like to thank the PHM Foundation for their generous contribution towards the purchase of the OBIX Perinatal Data System. This system is a compre-hensive, computerized system for central, bedside and remote electronic fetal monitoring. The advantages of the OBIX Perinatal Data System include reduced record storage and retrieval costs, reduced charting and reporting time, improved patient chart quality, perinatal risk management and increased staff flexibility and satisfaction.



There are also several safety advantages which benefit both patient and health practitioner. These include the ability to archive patient records, central access for staff and physicians, internet-based physician access and interfacing with other hospital systems.


“We are extremely grateful for the generous contribution the PMH Foundation has provided to the OB De-partment, “ said Summer Winford, RN, Director of Perinatal Services. The purchase of the OBIX system has allowed nursing staff the opportunity to bedside chart, which directly impacts the patient experience, as well as improves outcomes and satisfaction.”