Playing Catch Up


A few things I’ve noticed while getting back into the swing of things after a rather busy spring break.




I do believe that picking a perfect NCAA bracket is pretty much impossible. I read somewhere that the odds were once calculated as one in 9.2 quintillion. That sounds about right to me and, honestly, I don’t even know what a quintillion is. This is why they can offer a billion dollars to someone if they actually picked the bracket perfectly. It’s just not going to happen. That said, I was also thinking that some computer-savvy person could come up with a way to create enough brackets to cover every possible outcome for the tournament (and thus get that billion dollars) but I suppose that’s not the case. After one round of games there were no more perfect brackets left in the perfect bracket contest and life goes on, minus one potential billionaire. Of course my brackets are as big a mess as everyone else’s. I’ll save that bit of information for later (You know, to get you to keep reading – or at the very least, make you scroll to the end of this).


Just one week into this week’s tournament and March Madness has been just that. Duke is out, Wichita State is out, Syracuse, Kansas, Villanova – yep, they’re out as well. As seems to be the case every year, we hit the Sweet 16 with a solid mix of upstarts and top seeds and things will play out from there. Like I said, there’s a reason a lot of people consider the NCAA basketball tournament to be the greatest tournament in all of sports.


It seems to me more line drives are hitting pitchers than in the past. I cannot recall a pitcher getting hit by a comebacker during my youth, yet now it seems to occur at least once a year. The latest victim is Cincinnati Reds ace closer Aroldis Chapman and, luckily, he survived and will return to the mound later this season. The thing that bothers me is, at some point a guy is not going to be so lucky. A baseball, traveling at over 100 miles per hour off the skull, is certainly enough to kill a person. I have to assume it will happen eventually. Hopefully MLB figures out a way to stop this so that worst possible scenario never has to happen.


I am tired of reading mock NFL drafts and ready for the real thing to happen. Unfortunately, it’s still over a month away. I really think the NFL drags this thing out as long as possible so they can keep themselves in the news. Is there any other sport that does a better job of staying relevant for the entire year than professional football?


I would be remiss in not mentioning the start of the MLB regular season as the Dodgers took two from the Diamondbacks in Australia of all places. Of course, now both teams head home for a few more spring training games before re-starting their season next week. I suppose you could call it the ‘false start’ to the season. The good news is baseball is almost back. The bad news, at least for L.A. and Arizona, is they had to play two games that counted on a different continent in a different hemisphere. Hopefully, for their fans, they are able to recover from the travel in time to get their seasons going when everyone else starts next week.


So, whom do I have going to the Final Four? Well, since you asked, I’ve got Michigan, Arizona, Florida and Villanova with Michigan and Florida in the final and Michigan winning the whole thing. Three out of four ain’t bad I suppose, although I’ll be pretty surprised if those three teams are still standing this time next week.

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