Player profile: Southwest’s point guard Eric Pompa is key to team’s success


EL CENTRO — The Southwest boys’ Varsity basketball team’s successful and competitive offense is machinated on the court by Eric Pompa, a junior point-guard with in-game awareness and stoic delivery under pressure that is deserving of further recognition. 

Whether it be a clutch three-pointer at the end of the shot clock, or a pinpoint assist to find the open man, Pompa has repeatedly proven to be a key contributor to the Eagles’ third round playoff assent this season.

“The moment that has stood out the most this season is when we beat Central in triple overtime,” said Pompa about his favorite moment this year so far – a game where he scored 11 points, snatched down two rebounds, dished out five dimes, and poked away one steal in route to a 73-69 victory in the city rivalry game.

A deadly offensive threat, Pompa ranks fourth on the list of the Imperial Valley League leading scorers, averaging 13.1 points per game, significantly above the national average of five points per game.

The rare ability to see plays develop as they happen has helped Pompa become the conference’s second assist leader at 3.1 assists per game.

The point guard’s effort on both sides of the ball is evident as he averages two steals per game putting him in the third slot of the league assist front runners.  Pompa’s vocal communication with teammates on defense also helps create a more polished unified campaign resulting in stops and scores.

“I just love playing the game and the overall competitiveness – from the squeak of the shoes, to the bounce of the ball,” replied Poma about why basketball is his favorite sport.

Pompa also swims competitively in the spring and is open minded about a potential future in swimming as well.

“I understand that it is easier to get a scholarship and go to a university for swimming,” he noted. 

One of Pompa’s specialties is the long ball; he has made 51 threes on the season and hits the bottom of the net from downtown 32 percent of the time.

Aside from terrorizing ball handlers and being a defender’s nightmare, the hustle plays that don’t appear in the stat book are what enhance the young man’s value to the program.

“My teammates are great. I’m hoping that we can improve more for next season,”  Pompa said about the evolving squad that will be losing just three seniors to graduation.

Pompa’s current favorite subject in school is history, but he said he hopes to pursue agriculture as his preferred field of study and potential career after college. 

“If I could choose, I’d go to either Cal-Poly or San Diego State to play basketball, but I would like to play at any Division I college.  If basketball or swimming doesn’t work out, I see myself becoming a farmer or something similar,” said Pompa.

From the hardwood to the swimming pool, Eric Pompa lets his talent do the talking. With medium stature coupled with extra-large aggressiveness, his genuine character and mild mannered personality emits a vibe that is necessary for success in team sports.