Pitch Perfect 2 movie review- an Elizabeth Banks Film



The sequel to Pitch Perfect is now playing and held its own against the Avengers and Mad Max this past weekend.  The film plays off the current popularity of a-capella singing and brings back most of the cast from the first movie.  This is a film for the younger female crowd.


The Barden Bellas are riding high as the acapella champions.  They have been invited to perform at Lincoln Center to celebrate the President’s birthday, when Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) has a serious wardrobe malfunction and disgraces the entire group when the world sees that she doesn’t wear underwear when her tights split.


The school, Barden University, and the world greatly over-react, and the Bellas are banned from doing what they do best, sing at school.  Because their title wasn’t taken away from them, they are still eligible to compete at the World A Capella competition in Denmark and thus we have the plot of the movie.


Can the Bellas get their sound back and defeat the German Das Sound Machine? Can some of them find love?  Will Becca become a famous songwriter?  Getting the answers to these questions moves the story along to the singing showdown in Copenhagen where Das Sound Machine and the Bellas meet voice to voice with a couple of surprises thrown in for a sweet moment.


This film comes with a PG-13 rating and contains a lot of innuendos about sex, racial groups, body parts, and fat people.  I guess my age is showing, but I’m not sure I find a lot of humor in fat people jokes.  Rebel Wilson, like several over weight actors, seems to be building a career where she is the brunt of her jokes.  The a-capella commentators, John and Gail share some strange comments about the different performing groups too.  John’s voice is low and some of his remarks slip by, quite before you realize they were not appropriate.  The young people I took to see this film seemed oblivious to the jokes.  They enjoyed the singing.


The singing is quite good and amazing.  I would have liked to see a bit more in the film, especially at the International competition.


There is life for the Bellas after graduation and given the success of movie #2, I’m sure there will be a PITCH PERFECT 3 in a couple of years.