Pioneer’s Board of Directors, Leo Haggarty Passed Away On Monday, May 18, 2015


leo Haggarty

RIP, Leo Haggarty

May 18, 2015

EL CENTRO – Leo was on his thirty-first year as a member of Pioneer’s Board of Directors, but his contributions to healthcare during that time extended far beyond Imperial Valley. He held numerous statewide offices in health related organizations and we recognized as an innovator in areas such as group coverage, that we now take for granted.

But his passion, above all, was making quality healthcare available to everyone, and rarely a meeting went by, at least during my seventeen years as a Board member, where Leo didn’t remind us, in no uncertain terms, of that responsibility.

Our profound sympathies go out to Leo’s wife, Jean, and to their family. His wisdom and dedication to Pioneers, as well as his “persuasive” dry wit, will be sorely missed.

Information about services for Leo will be made available to you as soon as possible.

Catalina Alcantara-Santillan
Board Chair, Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District