Pine Elementary Students’ Dreams Soar into the Sky

Photos courtesy of Lilia Madriaga.


HOLTVILLE- The Holtville Pine Elementary students, Thursday, set their dreams free toward the skies with their Balloon Release as part of Higher Education Week.

Noah Jongeward, 8th grade ASB president of Pine Elementary, said there were 90 balloons released, one for each student in the school and a dream for each balloon.

“It represents their dreams reaching the stars and sun,” said Noah, who’s personal dream is to be the President of the United States.

One kindergarten student, Leryn Peeks, had some big, fantastical dreams written on her balloon.

“That I’ll be a doctor and I can turn into a butterfly,” said Leryn.

“Anytime you have kids so excited in a program like this, that’s a win,” said Principal Mitchell Drye.

The balloon release represents the dreams of students taking flight and reaching for the skies according to Principal Drye.  Students from every class wrote their dreams on the balloons and at noon went out to the field to let them fly.

As part of Higher Education Week, school representatives devoted each day to themes such as college T-shirt day, neon shirt day, and other fun activities for the students to focus on furthering their education.

Myranda Duarte, Pine Elementary school counselor, stated the idea came from the Imperial County Office of Education.  She presented it to the ASB students, and they were the ones who ran with it and put together the balloon release.