Pérez Applauds Salton Sea Budget Actions

Photo by Mark Sigmon
Photo by Mark Sigmon of fish die off at Salton Sea

(SACRAMENTO) – Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez is pleased to report that the Assembly Budget Sub-Committee 3 on Resources and Transportation has supported his request for two important budget items that will advance Salton Sea restoration efforts:


Salton Sea Funding Feasibility Study:  $2 Million 

The Sub-Committee approved $2 million of non-General Fund bond monies to be appropriated to the Salton Sea Authority for a funding feasibility study. The study will undertake an analysis of state, local and federal funding opportunities that can support restoration of the Sea, including funding opportunities derived from local development of energy resources.


Salton Sea Financial Assistance Program (FAP): $3 million  

The Sub-Committee approved $3 million to fund a second year of the FAP, administered by the Department of Water Resources and Department of Fish and Game.  FAP grants support projects that improve habitat for fish and wildlife at the Salton Sea, while also benefiting air quality by covering exposed playa (lakebed) with habitat.  Last month, Round 1 grants were announced, awarding approximately $3 million in funds to three projects by the Imperial Irrigation District, the Salton Sea Authority/Torres Martinez Tribe, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


“My work on behalf of local stakeholders to elevate this issue with the state is beginning to produce results,” said Pérez. “The Funding Feasibility Study will provide a critical and missing piece to the Sea’s restoration plan, and it complements the work I’m doing with AB 71 to ensure a viable restoration governance model.  At the same time, funding a second round of the FAP enables sensible restoration projects to move forward, building habitat and controlling dust emissions in the process.”


For more information about the Assemblyman’s work on Salton Sea restoration, please visit his website.