Pentagonal and Alba’s Cake Studio host cupcake and beer night

Johnny Stump and Alba Torres describes flavorful notes for the different cupcakes and beer.

IMPERIAL– The Pentagonal Brewer partnered up with Alba’s Cake Studio to host a cupcakes and beer event on Sunday the 13, where people were offered a sampler of beer, that went along with the tasteful flavors that coincided with Alba Torres’s cupcakes.

This is the second time the Pentagonal has partnered up with Alba’s Cake Studio because of the successful turnout.

“The first time we had a cupcakes and beer events, it was such a success, that the owner of Pentagonal, Johnny Stump, decided to do it again with hopes this event will continue to grow to help both of our businesses,” says Alba Torres.

The cupcakes and beer event was divided up into different sessions, where Johnny would describe the beer and notes that people would be experience when drinking the types of beer. Alba then described the cupcake that enhanced the flavor of that beer.

The first beer that was sampled was known to the brewer as a red tractor. The red tractor is a malty beer that has notes of caramel that the drinker will taste. The cupcake paired with this beer was a vanilla cupcake, topped with whipped cream frosting and a salted caramel drizzle.

The second beer on the list was the toffee porter that is a dark chocolate and toffees brew. To emphasize the darker flavors, Alba, paired the brew with a chocolate sin cupcake topped with whipped cream frosting and toffee crumbles to match the flavors.

“My job is to match the beers with particular cupcakes and even though I’m not I beer drinker I tried out the brews from Pentagonal so I could better pair them with the appropriate flavors of cupcakes,” says Alba.

The third beer on the list was a Belgium beer that gives the drinker a sweet taste of banana, without it being to be overpowering. The Belgium beer was paired with a banana walnut cupcake to enhance the flavors of the sweet and bitterness of the Belgium beer.

“The Belgium beer is one of are stronger beers and while it does have notes of banana flavors, it is not to sweet to where it takes awhile from the taste of the beer,” says Stump.

The final beer on the list was a hefeweizen beer that has a citrus note to it, that was paired with a carrot cupcake topped with an orange citrus frosting to complement the beer.

Johnny Stump and the Pentagonal team work on crafting new beers each month and are working on bringing more  family friendly events to the Imperial Valley.