Panno Road to be completed


Panno Road at Highway 86


(October 24, 2012. Brawley) At a special joint meeting of the Brawley City Council and the Brawley Planning Commission, the developers of Florentine Estates agreed to finish the remaining piece of Panno Road between Willard Drive and Highway 86, across from Walmart.

Sartan Nahar LLC, the developers of Florentine Estates, asked for a Condition Modification to allow the construction of 60 units prior to the completion of Panno Drive.

They want to start the next phase of the project as they work on Panno Road.

Residents of the area and counsel for Pioneers Memorial Hospital voiced their opposition to any changes, citing the traffic is already too congested on Willard and Legion roads.

The Planning Commission voted to give the developers the OK for 40 units.

In a 4 to 1 vote the Council approved the construction of 60 units on the condition that Panno Road would be completed.

Councilman Sam Couchman was the dissenting vote, stating that he did not want to give permission to expand until Panno Road was completed.

The additional units would take 2 or 3 years to complete.

Panno Road will be completed in about a year.

The Florentine developers came in and bought the abandoned Springhouse development a few years ago. They finished the buildings that were there, heavily landscaped the area, and paved part of Panno Road that gave access to Florentine Estates.

Springhouse is just one of the developments that were abandoned because of the economic downturn beginning in 2008 and the only one that has been revived.

Explaining that they want to continue to develop the project, the developers assured the council that the completion of Panno Road will help their project as well as benefit public use.

Mayor George Nava explained that the new medical complex across from the hospital as well as existing hospital, residential, and business traffic are putting a strain on Willard and Legion roads, not traffic from Florentine Estates.

There has been a resurgence along this stretch of Highway 86 with Wal-Mart, Sun Community Federal Credit Union, Del Taco, ARCO, and a car wash recently constructed. Brawley continues to grow despite the current economic uncertainty.

The Council voted to keep existing Impact Fees and Water and Wastewater Fees at their same level for the 60 units of Florentine.

The Council voted to proceed with the partial demolition of the building on the northwest corner of 8th and G Streets that was consumed by fire. This would open up 8th street to traffic again. Elms Equipment was the winning bid.