Osais updates IID Board on current litigation



David Osias


(October 11, 2012. El Centro) At the regular meeting of the IID Board of Directors Tuesday, October 9, attorney David Osais gave an update on the QSA litigation and status report on the state board petition. Director James Hanks was absent.


Citing all of the cases pending individually, Osais gave a basic scenario of each case and named the individuals that brought the suits against IID.


Osais pointed out that he has won all of the cases that came against the IID. Each judicial decision has been in the IID’s favor.


Osais claimed that, leaving out the IID costs for attorney fees, some of which are covered by insurance, the over 20 lawsuits against the IID have totaled more than $130 million in construction delay expenses and lost federal bond financing preferred interest rates for the IID.


In other business, the Board approved the sale of 7 small generators to a local nonprofit organization, Imperial Valley’s Hope for Haiti. The generators were approved for disposal by the Board on September 11, 2012 with a value of $1,000 each. The generators will be replaced by newer, more efficient models.


The group had originally asked for a donation of the outdated generators. Counsel to the board suggested that a nominal fee be charged for the equipment to avoid the appearance of a publicly controlled entity giving away assets. The Board approved the sale of the generators at $1000 total for all seven.


Imperial Valley’s Hope for Haiti has made many trips to Haiti since the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. The 7.0 magnitude quake affected more than 3 million people. Over 300,000 died, 300,000 were injured, and over 1 million people were left homeless, including many children.


Partnering with other relief organizations, Imperial Valley’s Hope for Haiti has committed to building an orphanage and other projects to help the children of Haiti. The generators would give much needed power to build and sustain projects underway in Haiti.


Imperial Valley’s Hope for Haiti representatives Nicole and Ryan Rothfleisch said that the group will arrange for transportation of the generators to Haiti.


The Board declared October 7 through 13 Public Power Week.


In recognition of the IID’s tradition of low rates, reliability, and public service, CFL bulb exchanges will be held at various locations across the District’s service territory during the month of October. Click here for a list of rules and dates for the Light Bulb Exchange Event.


On June 5 the Board approved a funding request of $35,000 to the Sea and Desert Interpretive Association to assist in keeping the Salton Sea State Recreation Area open, with the condition that the full $250,000 required to keep the park open was obtained.


The Salton Sea Recreation Area was one of the many state parks to be closed because of the state’s budget shortfall.



William Meister, president of the association, said only a portion of the money had been ions to keep the parks open.


The Board approved the funding of $35,000 for one year and that in the future they must secure funding elsewhere.





  1. Awful quiet out there-incumbents seem to have more wind in their sails since June and where is the opposition? Can’t even read Benson’s ad. Glad he’s dropped the Neandrathal tone and agenda from his ad though. If elected listen, learn and then decide. Be your own man and not the Farm Bureau lackey. Serve and represent all the ratepayers not just the 10% special water interests. ENHANCE AND ENFORCE IID’S GOVERNANCE POLICY ELIMINATING IID BOARD CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AND CORRUPTION FROM THE IID BUSINESS OPERATION ONCE AND FOR ALL. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE BEING LOST, STOLEN AND WASTED FROM THIS POOREST OF POOR COMMUNITIES.

  2. Morgan, et al; have lost every time, yet they still keep wanting to spend their money AND IID’s fighting this…smart, real smart..

    • Cost of doing business with trust fund farmers….. easy come easy go. Kind of like poopin in your own bed.

    • the truely delusional are able to look past logic and rational behavior. they see the money they can make if they destroy the iid and can own the water. the imperial valley is not in the picture.

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