Letter to the Editor



by Arn Lahde

IID has acknowledged the need for openness and honesty. So, should the public expect more visibility at IID, or the familiar dirty tricks and cover ups? Unfortunately, actions are still better than words. Next Tuesday IID has scheduled a special meeting with a consent agenda, but it is another closed door session excluding public awareness and participation. Why so much secrecy when numerous questions urgently need to be answered? Doesn’t the public have the right to participate and have questions answered?  Here are just a few simple questions that should not be ignored any longer:



– Should directors receive campaign contributions from solar/energy companies ; then approve contracts and service agreements with the same companies?

– How does IID management explain awards to so many higher bids and out of area bidders, and what is being done to correct the problem?

– As a public company, why doesn’t IID use the Public Contract Code to ensure fairness in contract administration ? Is it honest to hide behind the Water Code?



-What is the plan for the over collection of the ECA by $150 M that resulted  from the gas hedging fiasco and cover up?

-Why hasn’t the money already been returned to ratepayers? Why the delay?

– If over-collected money was used for capital projects would this be a misappropriation of public funds any different than Measure J in Calexico?

-Should rates be increased immediately, or are they being delayed in an election year?



– Why is there no money for capital projects?

– Where are annual and 5-10 year plans based on income & costs?

– Should money needed for capital projects be covered by commercial paper and rolled into obligation bonds with IID debt already so large its credit rating has been downgraded? Why not look for cuts elsewhere; then raise rates if necessary?





-  If honesty and openness are synonymous, why haven’t the emails from Spyware been  released along with a full report on usage of Spyware and approvals? Copies from Spyware already circulated anonymously disclose dirty tricks, so how many other compromising  emails are being withheld from the public?


– Can California Public Code 6252 be used as a reason not to release emails if it doesn’t exclude them, especially since the emails in question were sent on public equipment?



– If the County receives partial taxes for the Southern By Pass, but the ratepayers lose $414M in wheeling charges to San Diego, why would IID agree to this?

– How much will the ratepayers lose to San Diego if the Northern Collector By Pass is approved?

– Is political patronage being used at ratepayers expense? Should anyone at IID be beholden to the developers, not the ratepayers?

– Is IID in danger of losing its Balancing Control Authority? What will be the consequences to IID ratepayers?


Finally, don’t the directors and management owe it to the ratepayers to openly, honestly identify risks and quantify them? There are more threats to the Valley’s water and energy resources than ever before . Without this openness – when directors and management can tamper with a grand jury report and brag about it- what course of action do the ratepayers have except at the ballot box? With honesty and openness stifled for several years by a familiar 3-2 vote representing special interests inside and outside IID, isn’t the very survival of the Valley’s water and energy at stake for current and future generations?