Open Call For Art brings Exhibitors to Lowe Gallery


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Leslie Lezama stands in front of her in sketching of the human heart, entitled, “Corazon.”

Leslie Lezama, ink-realist artist, visited with her fellow contributors and guests at IVC’s Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery during opening day Thursday, October 1. The intimate gallery was filled with admirers of the more than 30 different exhibitors whose talents ranged from inks, colored pencils, paper clay, acrylic, charcoal, and photography.

“I have an art major from IVC, but I want to still take more art classes here,” Lezama explained. “My work dictates what medium I will use, for instance, if I am creating on a bigger scale I will go to oils, if it is small and detailed, I use inks or colored pencils.”

Lezama has been influenced mostly by her IVC art teacher, Linda Frietas. “Her style is something I want to master. She is into realism, and that is what interests me.”

The young art student eventually plans to do medical illustrations in books and magazines. “That way I can do what I enjoy and still work from home.”

_DSC0057Another budding art student, Kevin Torres, was also inspired to develop his passion for art through his art teacher at Imperial High. “Mrs. Peinado, my senior year in art, brought out my gift for drawing. She helped me develop my technique, and explore new mediums.”

Torres does not plan on making a living off of his art. He is studying to become an American Sign Language interpreter and will use his art as a stress reliever.

Carol Hegarty, director of the college gallery, only has been running the art shows for the past few years, but is full of vision, energy, and ideas. During Cattle Call week, she plans to produce a Western art show, called Saddles & Spurs, including a lecture on old Western saddles, bits, and bridles by Bill Smith.

The Open Call For Art exhibit will run until October 28. Saddles & Spurs opening day will be Thursday, November 5, from 4 – 7 p.m. and run until December 2.