Off to Thailand

Hanna House May



I’m so very happy to be going back to Thailand at the end of this month for the third time! Why you might ask?


God has spoken so clearly and directly to my heart concerning this, and now I will obey His call.


The country of Thailand presents an open opportunity and we must obey God in going while we still can. Something that stands out (loudly) to me is this: after 200 years of having the gospel preached by missionaries in Thailand, still only 1% of the population confesses Christ. WHY? The opportunities are there, the workers (foreign) are definitely there. I believe that Jonathan is right when he says the best way to reach the Thai is with other Thai nationals. Our responsibility is to train up leaders and support them in a leadership role.

While in Thailand for the first 3 weeks I will have the honor of serving side by side with Sangla, Jonathan, Jonah, and the beautiful young ladies from Hannah House. We will be exploring some exciting opportunities for the girls at Hannah House and the prisons.

Later I’ll be joined by a team of 8 from four different local churches in the Imperial Valley. The team members will be John and Susie Hawk and Gloria Anderholt from Trinity Baptist, Tyler, Carson and Ashlynn Brandt from Gateway Baptist, Jenna Rebik Lyon from Western Avenue Baptist and Brittany Westmoreland from First Christian. Once the team arrives on June 20th we will be off and serving for the next 19 days through street evangelism, in prisons, villages, an AIDS orphange, a refugee camp, and in many other ways.

God has called us to preach the good news of the Gospel to ALL nations, so it is with a heart filled with God’s love and with great anticipation that I am returning to Thailand! Please pray for the people to be set free from the bondage of spiritual blindness and delivered for the glory of God our Father the only true God!

Angel Dyson (Tu Suwan)


It is hard to believe that I will be going back to Thailand on Saturday, May 18th!

I would appreciate your prayers for all that we desire to accomplish in relation to the prisons, the girls who have graduated, and the girls we desire to bring into the home. I am also excited about the teams that will be going to Thailand this summer.

We will be having a team from Norman, Oklahoma and a team from the Imperial Valley.

One thing that has so touched me is seeing and hearing about the lives of the people who have been changed by their experience of going on a mission trip to Thailand. It has made many wonder why Thailand is so special. I have had numbers of people say that they needed to go because they wanted what those who went got. Honestly it isn’t Thailand that changed them, though Thailand is an amazing environment to see God move powerfully.

I have come to realize that whenever anyone is willing to lay down his life, listen to His voice, and step out in bold ways, that God moves powerfully. For me personally, I feel that the greatest times ministering weren’t even in Thailand but often after a trip.

Many put a super spiritual tag on those who go overseas to witness. I honestly believe it takes an even greater boldness to minister in the environment God has you in presently. I hope that no matter what season of life you are in, or where you are, that this will encourage you to step out boldly in faith for His name’s sake. I promise you, you will be transformed! Please keep us in your prayers and may God richly bless you!

Jonathan Hawk

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