Odds N Ends Hosts ‘Photo to Wood’ Transfer Class in Valley

Instructor Eddie Shiffer teaches a guest techniques on how to create wood photos during the Photos to Wood class held on Saturday afternoon.
Instructor Eddie Shiffer teaches a student techniques on how to create wood photos during the “Photos to Wood” class Saturday afternoon.

EL CENTRO — The home decor store Odds N Ends held its “Photos on Wood” transfer class Saturday afternoon.

“We are doing gel-medium transfers,” explained Eddie Shiffer, the instructor of the class, “and what we use is an acrylic polymer that will transfer images onto different surfaces. And in this case, wood and canvas are our primary surfaces, but this could be done on glass, wood, or any surface. But right now, we’re just concentrating on the two primary things, which are canvas and wood.”

Hosted by Odds N Ends and Eric Shiffer, the wood-to-photo class is open to the public. The class costs $25 per person or $40 for pairs and is limited to eight people per class.

Students were encouraged to bring one to five laser-printed pictures on regular paper. Suggested places where photos could be printed are Staples and Rocket Copy.  All materials were supplied for the transfer including the wood, although students were allowed to bring their own supplies, too. There was no specific limit on photos students could bring and many brought photos of family, friends and loved ones. Pictures of celebrities and culture icons were also offered for those who did not bring their own photos.

“This would be the third time in a month that I’ve done this class,” said Shiffer. “It was just something that we’ve discussed about having classes here. I believe the store itself has had classes on leather tooling, kid classes, and how to make t-shirts and bags. This store is another avenue where people can come and learn a skill and be with other people who want to learn the same skill. These people don’t know each other, but they all have a common goal, they all want to learn an art technique.”

To register for a spot in the class, contact the Odds N Ends store through its Facebook page or sign up directly at the store located at 617 W. Main Street in El Centro. Walks-in registrants are accepted the same day of a class if it is not full.

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